Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dirty old sneakers.

One hot category that I have done well with on Ebay is old sneakers. Yep, dirty old sneakers! From teenage kids to baby boomers, interest in running shoes and basketball sneakers is huge and can give you a nice return. Nike seems to be the hottest, followed by Adidas, Converse, New Balance and other brands. For example, if you are lucky enough to come across a pair of original Seventies era Nike Waffle training shoes, you can sell them for hundreds of dollars on Ebay. Recently, a pair of Nike Waffle shoes in an ugly, but rare, lime green color sold for $410 dollars!

Vintage Nike and Converse shoes are considered “old school” fashion. Condition is always important, the better they look, the higher the price they will fetch. Always be as honest and thorough in your description when posting them. Post lots of pictures too. Occasionally you will deal with very particular buyers who complain loudly via e-mail or negative feedback, if they feel you did not describe a pair of shoes accurately. Give them as much information as you can to avoid this.

One advantage in buying for sneakers at yard sales is that you will have very little competition out there. People shy away from old sneakers for several reasons. Reason #1 - who thinks they can make money on Ebay with a pair of sneaks? Reason #2 - buyers have to worry about whether they will fit, particularly if they are buying for someone in their family. When buying at the yard sale it’s either take em or leave em. Most buyers leave em!

The best return I ever made on an old pair of sneaks were these Converse basketball "All-Stars" seen above. I found them in a local thrift store and paid $4.00 for them. These shoes were from the late Seventies era. I listed them on Ebay and during their seven-day run they sat quietly with no bids. I worried I was stuck with a pair of old dirty sneakers! But late in the week they started to slowly tick upwards, 10, 20 then 30 dollars. As the auction was approaching it’s close, two bidders began to drive the bid price up further. The bidding war came down to two buyers at opposite sides of the world...Japan and Camden, New Jersey! Talk about the international reach of Ebay! The battle of Camden versus Japan was won by Camden, closing at an amazing $126 dollars!

So don't rule out old sneakers, those Waffle trainers or Converse you find could mean a big bucks return for you!

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  1. women's canvas keds(white champs)the more worn the better! up to 250..why don't more cute girls wear keds?

  2. I look for Chuck Taylor Cons but didn't know the white ones (dirty) are big sellers. I am always looking for their funky, special edition ones. It's on my list now...thanks!