Sunday, April 25, 2010

Let a million yard sales bloom....!

I limped into the month of April with my yard sale/thrift shop inventory looking pretty skimpy. Sure, I had thrift shop shirts to sell, but most of my sexy, big ticket items stockpiled for winter sales were long gone. So it's always an exciting time when the yard sale season goes into full bloom! This was the case this past weekend. Seems like everyone in my town all had the same idea to have a yard sale. I ran into a buddy at one yard sale who shouted across the street to me, "Hey, this must be like the Super Bowl to you!" I yelled back, " It is, I think my head is going to explode!"

I had so many yard sales mapped out that I had to start extra early, around 7:30, just to get them all in! I had my money rolled up in my pocket and was ready to spend. Got to get my inventory back up and make some big sales. I did pretty good too, among my purchases were a sports hockey collectible for a buck that is currently listed on Ebay for $100 bucks, two vintage baseball & football pennants, a Nintendo game system with about 14 games for $5.00. I should be able to recover my five buck investment with the sale of one good game in that lot. Then I hit a streak of two dollar purchases. Found seven American Girl Doll "knock-off" furniture pieces at $2.00 bucks per piece. These will sell well despite the fact they are not "official" American Girl doll products. Brand new Converse Chuck Taylor's for another two bucks. These could net me anywhere from twenty to forty depending on the week. Three Disney kid's costumes at another $2.00 per outfit. Disney costumes are another "sure thing" and are always popular with moms buying on Ebay. Plus a few more odd and ends with big earnings potential.

My total investment for the Saturday haul was just a little north of thirty bucks. The sales potential of all this great stuff, easily north of $200 and maybe close to $300 ! It was a great start to what is the first week of the new yard sale season. Can't wait to get back out there next Saturday !!
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