Monday, April 19, 2010

My wife spots things that I walk right by !

Oh no, now my wife has gotten the bug!

For years she has watched me return home from the yard sales loaded down with stuff to sell. Occasionally she has accompanied me, which I found helpful because she has a different knowledge base then me. For example, she clued me in on "Pampered Chef" kitchen gadgets. She informed me how ladies love buying them at "parties". So I sold a few Pampered Chef gadgets found at yard sales and quickly learned many are hot sellers. Finding a Pampered Chef item is often like finding money laying on the table. If it's new and still in the box, (which for some reason I find fairly often) it's a guaranteed sale! So having my wife with me as I make the rounds is like an extra set of eyes. (My only beef with her is I like to move fast and she likes to linger...time is money!)

Last Saturday, I asked her to check out a local yard sale for me. She did and came back with this "Bombay Company" hall table. She purchased it for $30. (I would have offered $20, but that's how I roll). My wife briefly thought about hanging on to the table, but it doesn't go with our furniture. So instead, she posted on Craigslist for $60. It sold later that day, doubling her money. She is so happy with this sale that she can't wait to go out and acquire more stuff! Yipes, I created a monster!

Moral of today's story is this: everyone has a knowledge base that they can employ to profit at the yard sales. I know the value of guy-type stuff, my wife knows furniture. Take your spouse or a friend with you to the yard sales. With their help, you may find a treasure that you would have completely overlooked if you were solo!
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  1. sweet table. Your wife has a good eye!

    glad to have found your blog. i love these kind of blogs!

  2. Thanks, I'll keep checking yours too! Any referrals and ideas are appreciated - us yard salers have to stick together! : )