Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nice picnic bench, maybe I'll buy...hey, who's truck is that ?

While researching Ebay prices recently, I stumbled across this odd looking photo. It illustrates what NOT to do when you are attempting to market your Ebay merchandise. In this awkward shot, the little picnic bench is for sale. But wait a minute, it's being displayed on a Mercedes Benz. Is the Benz hood ornament for sale?! Whose red truck is that in the background? And why is that garage door open across the street? There is a lot going on here! A photo like this distracts your potential buyer and doesn't look professional. This seller looks like they are "winging" it. As a potential buyer, would you want to buy something on Ebay displayed on a hood of a car? That's fine if you are buying at a yard sale, but this is Ebay are competing against big retail operations! If you want to see the highest return on your items, take the best professional photo possible.

There are times when you need to take an outdoor photo of your item. It may look better in natural light or it's too big to display on a table inside the house, ect. My Disney Castle seen a few blogs ago was taken outside for both reasons cited above. The background greenery in that photo did not draw away your attention from the castle and may have been an improvement over a standard indoor photo. However, this little table would have been better suited taken indoors with no distracting background. Secondly, judge the actual percentage of space the picnic table takes up in the photo, maybe 25 percent? It's an incredible waste of photo space and prevents your buyer from getting a good close look at your item. Get in nice and close and let folks see what you are selling!

I purchased a small photography tent on Ebay that came with four different color curtains you can Velcro to the back of the tent. It makes for a nice professional picture with minimal distractions. But you don't need to spend lots of money to have a decent background. If you are taking your photos on your kitchen table or couch, throw something like a blanket or sheet behind it. Pick a color that contrasts nicely with the item. This will focus the buyer's eye on your item and not on the background like, open garage door !

You made time to find and list your Ebay merchandise, take a few extra minutes to photograph it in the best light possible!
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