Saturday, August 21, 2010

Buying & selling new is the cat's meow !

When I started my eBay hobby back in the day, I originally focused on "vintage" stuff: old radios, old signs, old toys. My simple rule was this: if it's collectible and I can type "vintage" in the eBay title, I am buying it! But as time went on I came to the realization that there's good money to be made selling"new" stuff too.

New stuff has some big advantages over old. First off, if it's new there are no broken and/or damage issues that can later bite you in the backside. This means no angry e-mails from buyers complaining about a scratch or other "alleged" damage they find on the item. You'll find another advantage comes with deciding the opening auction price. Most products are easy to find on the Internet. You can check, Walmart or Google to learn what the product sells for retail. Best of all, when you find the product's website, just copy/paste the description for your listing. You'll have no writer's block issue. Just insert the manufacturer's original description into your auction listing...what a breeze! Lastly, new products are in the original packaging so you don't have to search around the house for a box and packing material. I usually just wrap it in brown shipping paper and mail it!

Above is a cat door I bought from a lady at a townhouse development. It had never been removed from the box and sat in her garage for a year or two. I purchased it for a single dollar bill. Researching cat doors on eBay and other sites, I learned they sell for $50 or more. I posted it for a "Buy it now" price of $35 (plus shipping) and it sold within days of posting...Meow!

Almost every garage sale has something "NIB" aka: new in the box. I have found things like bathroom exhaust fans that hubby never installed, the aforementioned Pampered Chef stuff, even Sear's Craftsman tools! If you think about it, you may have something similar to sell that you bought in one of those spontaneous shopping moments. Seemed like a great idea at the time but now it's still sitting "NIB" in the corner. So look around the house and the local garage gotta love the "NIB" auction!
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