Saturday, August 28, 2010

A word about Pampered Chef.....

A reader sent me an E-mail asking about Pampered Chef after I mentioned the popularity of these clever kitchen gadgets in a previous blog. The stuff is everywhere! I would estimate I come across Pampered Chef gear at probably 50% of the garage sales I get to. I guess in my town there are lots of Pampered Chef parties, creating an overabundance of these gadgets in people's houses!

In doing some research on eBay, I found Pampered Chef items ranging from a corn cob buttering gadget to a pizza stoneware gift set. Most were in the "green" with active bids from $4 to $30 dollars. You just can't find that consistency with many other name brand products. Plus buying Pampered Chef at garage sales can be a "No-lose" situation. In the unlikely event that your item doesn't sell, you can always use it in your kitchen!

But just like all products, some Pampered Chef gadgets are winners and others are losers. As an example, I would stay away from the omnipresent Ice Shaver. I see them all the time at thrift stores and garage sales...don't buy them. They seem as common as paperback books at a garage sale and only fetch around five bucks on eBay. The stoneware gingerbread set is another commonly found piece. These really only sell well during the Holiday's. But if you don't mind stockpiling them, you can buy them for a low price, usually around three dollars. When the Holiday selling season comes-post away! I have sold them for as much as thirty dollars during the Christmas...Ho-Ho-Woo-Hoo! Another "Only at Christmas" item is the cookie tubes. Stay away from this scrap metal unless its brand new and the seller is only asking a buck or less. Other then these seasonal gadgets, if it's Pampered Chef in the box, you should see a nice return.

Here is a Pampered Chef gadget that will make you shake your head. This is a Pampered Chef Digital Thermometer. A little more sophisticated then your average Pampered Chef gadget, you stick the probe end in your turkey, chicken or what have you and read the cooking temperature. A senior citizen was selling it at her garage sale. She told me she barley used it. (A common trait with people who buy Pampered Chef, swept up in the party moment, they take it home and it sits in the kitchen drawer). Lucky for me, she kept this gadget in the original box. When I asked her what she wanted for the thing her husband looked over in disbelief...she was asking fifty cents! I always respect my elders, so I quickly dug around in my pockets and handed over two quarters!

This digital thermometer is one of those "can't lose" sales for a seller. It has name recognition, is in the box and it's easy to ship. I knew it was money in the bank so I wasted no time posting it on Ebay. Seven days later, my 50 cents had turned into $36 dollars!

With the Fall Garage/Yard Sales right around the corner Pampered Chef stuff will be everywhere. If you keep an eye out for the Pampered Chef stuff you'll turn quarters into big cash dollars!
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