Monday, September 20, 2010

There may be an extra prize inside!

I get a big charge out of reaping extra sales from one garage sale purchase. It's fun to look inside a box you bought and find an additional item that you can sell on eBay. Kind of like finding that prize inside the Crackerjacks box! But you have to keep an open mind to see these opportunities. What you might normally overlook as a mundane item can be highly sought after by collectors!

Case in point, not long ago I bought a 1960's era plastic military tank model. It was pretty cool looking, great graphics on the box and all un-assembled which model collectors love. There was even an old tube of glue inside the box. The seller charged me a buck for the model. Not much money to risk so you have to buy it right? I threw out a dollar bill and took the tank model home. Well, I ended up selling the tank on eBay for only six bucks. Not huge money, but a few extra dollars for me. But wait, remember the tube of glue? I didn't send that along to the buyer when I sold the way! Just like the tank model, this little tube was old and dated back to the early Sixties. Could there be a market for old model glue tubes? Can you believe there actually is? My eBay research showed collectors will pay five to ten dollars for them. (Seriously, who collects model glue? Do they build fancy display cases and show them off proudly?) But I am not going to judge... I am just here to make some money.

So I took a photo of the old tube and posted it on eBay. I made it clear in the description that the glue had dried up after all these years. Basically the tube was for display purposes only. (If that's what you're into...LOL). The glue tube collectors of the world apparently took note of my auction; that little tube sold for a high bid of $23! This was almost four times more then the model itself! So an afterthought found inside the main item actually sold for more... an awesome concept!

So keep an open mind and look through your stuff carefully after you buy it. Maybe you have that extra Crackerjack surprise inside that brings you extra cash you weren't even counting on! Have you ever found something extra and flipped it? Let me know and I'll pass it along!
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  1. Love your blog Dude! I haven't really found any cracker jack prizes, but ocassionaly I have done well with an item that a garage sale operator basically insisted I take for little or nothing. Once a guy sold me an electric stainless steel wok for a couple of dollars. I ended up selling it for $25 which surprised me.
    Bottom line you never know!

  2. Utahbill - Thanks for the great comments. You got $25 for an old Wok? Sweet,something new for all of us to look out for! You really do never know- that's what makes it so much fun! Click on "Follow" my blog and come back again....Dude

  3. Found the blog recently and have been checking every day to see new posts (read all the old ones in over a few days of listing on ebay)!

    I started a blogspot blog as well, only three posts so far, but chronicling my adventures scavenging and selling - i give you a shout out!

    Keep posting!

  4. Dave-thanks for following my blog. I try to post about once a week or so. Make sure you hit my follow button. I checked put your record blog-good stuff! I'll keep coming back too!