Friday, October 1, 2010

eBay buyers love Disney !

If you follow my blog, you know I am high on Disney products. Some time back I talked about a Disney Cinderella Castle I bought for a few bucks and sold for $60 on eBay. With Halloween fast approaching, I currently have auctions running for a few Disney children's costumes I picked up over the Summer. With all the Moms looking for Halloween outfits for their kids, I am certain my Disney costumes will see plenty of bidding action. So whether it's costumes, toys or DVDs, Disney products are often the gold standard when it comes to garage sale finds.

Above is a classic example: a Walt Disney World Monorail set. I recently bought this for ten bucks at a garage sale. Let me tell you something very important. If you are at a garage sale and see one of these sets you should make a bee-line for it. If you have to knock a few people out of the way to get to it - go ahead and do it! Don't worry, the person you knock over will be fine. Your actions will be justified because these sets are gold on eBay! Disney theme park monorail sets can't be purchased at Target or Wal Mart; they are sold exclusively at Disney properties and on their website. So if a collector wants a set, they either have to buy a theme park pass, find the Disney website or bid for one on eBay! On average I find a Disney monorail set about once or twice a year at the garage sales. These sets are battery operated and run around on an oval track. Just like the real Monorail, a voice welcomes you to Disney World as it glides along. I can't believe folks unload them at their garage sales! They cost big bucks in the park and are a fun Disney park memory.

When I brought this set home I took inventory to make sure it was all there. Turns out it was missing about three pieces of tracks. I was bummed, less track could mean lower bidder interest. But looking at other sets on eBay, I noticed that collectors also buy them to add to existing sets. So selling a set with a couple missing track pieces is no biggie. Posting my set, I stated in the description that it was missing track. I then sat back and watched the Disney "magic" take place. As I hoped, the missing track didn't seem to hurt my auction. Like the actual monorail, my set moved along nicely with bids all week. At the end of it's run the set pulled into the station at $81 dollars! Ironically, this was a few bucks more then the last "complete" set I sold.

So keep an eye out for these sets. If you list one on eBay, make sure you point out the color of the monorail cars. Apparently some colors are more collectible then others. I always state the color in the auction listing title. While your at the garage sales, look for other "Disney Park exclusive" products. For example, some of the various theme park pins are hot too. Let me know if you have sold a "hot" Disney product. If it's Disney... it's gold!
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  1. I can vouch for that Disney Magic. I just returned this morning from a 4 day outing to the "World" with my family. The shops there are jammed with people grabbing anything and everything Disney. Although, I didn't purchase any souveniers the rest of my clan loaded up on souveniers. I will do my shopping on eBay at what I hope will be a sizeable discount.

    Disney pin collecting seemed to be an especially popular activity. My son was bitten hard by the bug. Any one have a blue race car from 2008 they would part with?

    While I was there I came to the same conclusion as Dude. Watch for Disney stuff; it should be good and could be gold.

  2. Utahbill-I've been in those Disney shops too, it is amazing isn't it? If I knew you were there I would have asked you to check the retail price on the Monorail sets!

  3. Sorry, I wish I had known you were going to post this. I would have been happy to check for you.

  4. An avid follower of my blog advises that a new and improved monorail set can be purchased on Disney's website for around $72 plus $8 shipping. While true, many collector's appear to seek out the older sets or are not aware of the monorail's availability at the Disney site. How else to explain the sale of my recent (incomplete)set for more then the price of a new set? Fortunately logic doesn't always apply in the eBay world -thank goodness! Thanks anonymous for your info....!