Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy think Christmas!

With the leaves turning, it's that time of year when the garage sales begin to drop off. I think I may have hit the high water mark last Saturday, there were plenty to go to and I got lot's of stuff. As an example, I literally drove about 2/10 of a mile from my house and found a great garage sale. I bought two American Girl dolls for only five bucks each and a ton of American Girl doll clothes for $30! I'll keep you posted how these sell, but suffice it to say American Girl stuff is money in the bank! This week's garage sales were pretty lame. It's amazing the difference a week can make. I hit one today after spotting the women tacking up her garage sale sign on a telephone pole. I whipped the truck around thinking, "Cool, I may be the first one there!" Upon my arrival, I literally could not tell if her stuff was for sale or left out for the trash. It looked like she had a previous sale and was too lazy to bring her junk back into the garage. There were even some leaves covering some of the was pathetic! With next week being Halloween, the quality and number of garage sales may drop down even further.

Although the number of sales begin to drop like the Fall temperatures, I can usually count on some garage sales until at least Thanksgiving. After that it's hit or miss. But once we reach the first weekend in December its pretty much over. People are thinking Christmas and not about having a garage sale. Then it's back into the thrift stores for me until early April.

So while the garage sales are still running I hustle out there to build up inventory. I try to accumulate enough stuff to carry me through the lean winter - like a squirrel collecting nuts ! I even back off on the number of Fall auctions I post, sort of slowing down my pace to prepare for the long winter ahead. The Christmas buying season is in about six weeks and this comes into play too. Buyers will soon start trolling eBay for Christmas gifts. Almost anything that didn't sell on eBay during the year has a very good chance of selling at the holidays. On top of that, a typically eBay item will for sell for more as competing Holiday bidders drive up the price!

With this in mind, I get a case of the Fall "yips" when pondering items to post. I have an agonizing time picking out stuff to sell from my inventory. My mind runs possible selling scenarios, " A Lenox picture frame? Nah...wait til Christmas. How about those new Hiking boots I bought? Nah, hold off....those will make a great Christmas gift for someone's hubby. " It goes on and on like this for me!

Not to make you crazy, but if you are selling in October choose carefully. Ask yourself, " Would this make a good Christmas gift?" If the answer is yes, then you may want to hold off. The wait may be worth it to you! Merry Christmas....uh, I mean Happy Halloween!
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