Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kiss...long may you rock!

Everyone knows Kiss rocks right? Yeah the music is ok too, but I am not talking about that. Kiss collectibles rock! The Kiss Army fan base is so humongous and passionate that with a little selective buying, you can make some big bucks faster then Gene Simmons can stick out his tongue!

Not long ago I drove to a huge garage sale out in the country-the last place you would think to find Kiss stuff. The place had a couple of out buildings filled with lots of overpriced collectibles. Included in all the old stuff were a ton of dolls. Each one had those little paper string price tags with the prices hand written on them. It seemed like the seller was an antique dealer or flea market seller. This normally means you have a low probability of getting a bargain price, especially if they took the time to attach little tags to each and every item! So I wasn't holding out much hope of finding a deal when I spotted a group of vintage Kiss dolls. All four members were in the lot and she had a price of $75 for all. I walked past them several times wondering if shelling out $75 would be worth it. I finally grabbed the Kiss Fab Four, and with a take-it-or-leave-it attitude, asked the seller if she would sell the dolls for fifty? The seller was pondering over it for a few seconds when her friend who was standing next to her gave her a little nudge, " Oh, just go for it!" To my surprise she did and I drove home rocking out with my own Kiss doll collection.

But when it comes to eBay, business is business, so I decided it was time to break up the band. In my mind most collectors are not looking to buy all four dolls. They may need just one or two to complete their set. So I posted each individually. The band members did me proud and sold as follows:

Ace - $38
Gene -$24 (missing most of his clothes)
Paul - $26
Peter -$112 (fully clothed and apparently harder to find)

So after selling of all four dolls I cleared $150...not bad!

On another more creative purchase, I bought a Kiss "Gene Simmons" Teddy Bear in the box. I did so after first buying what I thought was an expensive pair of cowboy boots for ten bucks. I went home with the boots and looked them up on eBay. To my dismay, the boots were barley worth the ten I paid for them. But I quickly recovered! Remembering the seller also had a Gene Simmons Teddy Bear, I went back to the garage sale and told the women the boots didn't fit me. I then asked in my most sympathetic tone if I could trade for the Kiss bear? The seller agreed and I dumped the boots and picked up the bear! I ended up selling the fuzzy guy for $30!

So look for Kiss stuff but practice a little caution. Gene Simmons has cranked out an enormous amount of merchandise. Some of it is worthless while other stuff is worth big cash dollars. If you are unsure of the value, look them up on your cell phone or call a member of your family back home to do an eBay "price check". With the right garage sale finds, you'll see that Kiss collectibles can rock your eBay world.
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  1. Awesome post, Dude! I'll be on the lookout from now on. Haven't really sold many action figures of any type! - Miriam @ The eBay Life!

    P.S. It's pretty funny that you and I posted something about KISS the very same week!!! (I mentioned the KISS pinball machine..)

  2. Miriam- Thanks, Kiss stuff is hot. The fans are hard core, so they get lots of buyer's interest. I went to check your blog but could'nt get on for some reason, I'll try it later.

    I've been looking for those Starbucks coffee mugs, no luck so far :(

  3. Hey Dude, your photo of the KISS doll is perfect for a documentary series I'm working on!! Please get in touch with me at