Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Christmas selling season has begun !

The starting gun has fired! The television commercials have begun...the stores are decorated...I even saw Santa yesterday in my local Mall.... it's time to begin your Christmas auctions! Just turn on your television and you'll see a barrage of holiday commercials. The eBay home page even has a calendar counting down the days until until Christmas. So the message is drummed into the consumer's heads - it's Christmas shopping time!

As a seller you have to get busy right now. I like to start selling Christmas gift items the week leading into Thanksgiving. If you begin a seven day auction right now, it will run past Thanksgiving, through Black Friday and into Cyber Monday. I am not rushing the season. For all intents and purposes your selling period basically ends around December 20th. You need those remaining days to mail your sold items out to buyers. Having your sold stuff shipped in a timely manner is critical: hell hath no fury like an eBay buyer who doesn't receive their purchases prior to Christmas.

To make selling all your stuff more manageable, you may want to shorten your auctions to only five days. If you have lots of inventory, a shorter auction will free up more time to wrap and ship. As the dreaded December 20th deadline approaches, I shorten my auctions to five and even three days auctions. I don't want to cut it too close to Christmas.

Christmas is also the time to get rid of your "dead wood" inventory that you couldn't sell during the year. Because there are more buyers looking, these items will usually find a bidder during Christmas. Above is a pair of Hallmark Christmas train ornaments. Yeah, I know it's a Christmas item, but I listed these several times just prior to the Holiday season believing a train collector would snap them up. They are replica's of Lionel train engines, very realistic and pretty cool looking. Unfortunately these things languished for several auctions during the Fall months. Finally I re-listed them during the holidays, and instead of seeing big fat goose eggs like previous auctions, they were bid up fast and furious. The set closed at a selling price of $26 dollars! HO-HO-HO!

So get digging through your inventory and post with reckless abandon! The time to sell is now...miss out on the Holiday selling window and your stuff may end up on a table at your next Garage Sale!
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