Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pssst, wanna make some money? Two words: Pottery Barn.

Did you ever notice that there are some name brand products that carry a certain cachet about them? These companies have an enthusiastic and loyal following due to the style and quality of their products. Some examples that come to mind are; American Girl Doll, LL Bean, and Lenox. They all have a strong name brand loyalty and buyers flock to them. I guess you could say they're the "gold-standard" in their field. A definite "gold standard" company that you can add to this list is Pottery Barn. This retail and web-based company markets home decor stuff that seems to be all the rage in home decorating. Their prices range from moderate to high, but that fact doesn't seem to scare off buyers. Take a look for yourself, just type in "Pottery Barn" in your eBay browser and see what comes up. You'll find tens of thousands of items from bedding to candles to telephones...many with nice high bids!

Within the galaxy of PB stuff sold, I've found a "sure thing" item to turn a nice little profit on are the Pottery Barn telephones. Over the years, PB has sold a variety of styles based on the traditional rotary desk-top and wall telephones. In the Pottery Barn stores these phones list for as much as $80, but at the garage sales they can be had for five bucks or less. All are designed with that old "retro" look but with updated push buttons in place of the old rotary dial. Colors include silver, red, gold, white and more. But for my money the most popular of all is the traditional black models. The basic black telephones can pretty much fit in any decor and look way-cool.

The pictures above are some Pottery Barn phones I've scored this garage sale season. The desk top version seen on the right was found on my very first garage sale stop back in July. I paid all of three bucks for it. The phone had a couple scuffs which I pointed out in my auction description but bidders didn't seem to care. It sold for $44 big ones! The wall unit seen on the left was purchased "NIB" (That's "new in the box" for those of you who don't speak eBay.) I paid five bucks for it and sold it for $56 dollars, that's eleven times what I paid for it! Can you get that return in the stock market? I think not !

So mark down Pottery Barn to your "buy" list when at the garage sales. It's another cache name that really brings in the bidders.
If you have a "cachet" name that we all can do well with don't keep it to yourself....pass it along so we all can have fun!
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  1. Here's my cache name for the list; North Face.

    Good hunting.


  2. Hmmmm, interesting. All the kids wear it so that makes sense, thanks. Hopefully we'll get some more ideas out there.....Dude