Saturday, December 4, 2010

Garage Sale Season 2010: Officially Closed!

Here it is a Saturday morning around 9 AM and I am home drinking coffee. No further evidence is needed that the garage sale season is officially kaput for the year. It's cold outside, maybe in the upper thirties so few people are thinking, "Hey, let's have a garage sale!" Of course I did find one garage sale listing on Craigslist but it's a real stinker. She is a repeat offender, one of those people who holds a yard sale almost every Saturday. I find these re-runs to be real annoying...nothing but junk to sell. I want to send her an e-mail, " Lady, give it up, it's over!" Hopefully, when there is snow on the ground she'll get a clue and pull the plug on her weekly exercise in futility.

But now that the garage sales are done I am also a little relieved. I get to sleep in on Saturday mornings - no rushing around, woofing down breakfast, making coffee and grabbing my maps as I run out the door. Now I get my Saturday mornings back for about for about four months. My thrift shop finds and remaining inventory from the garage sale season are going to have to get me through the winter.

While the winter garage sale is a rarity around here, I do occasionally find them and it's mostly by accident. Last winter I was heading down a local state highway and spotted a guy with a few tables filled with stuff. Naturally I whipped the truck over to the side of the road. It was cold outside and the wind was gusting around as I perused his merchandise. I pegged the guy as an auction buyer given the random stuff he was selling. Amongst the stuff was a Seventies era Barbie dollhouse and a "Malibu Barbie " in the original packaging. The dollhouse even had it's original Mattel string tag still attached to the handle! The seller was asking twenty for both but I got him down to $15. I was pretty happy with this find for two reasons. First, I wasn't even expecting to find a garage sale. Second, anything I can find in the winter is a bonus to me. I look at it as one more listing that gets me closer to the spring garage sale season.

So I listed each piece separately on eBay and did very well. The dollhouse sold for $27 and the Malibu Barbie saw a closing bid of $41 bucks. I would have done a little better on the doll but the clear plastic packaging had come away from the cardboard backing. I am sure this dampened the bids down slightly, but I'll take two twenty dollar bills any old day! Together, I cleared $53 on both-not too shabby for a winter find!

So even though the garage sales are shut down I am going to keep my radar up for the rare winter find...once I finish this cup of coffee ; )
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  1. Great post! Just posted a link to your blog on my Facebook. Do you do link exchanges? I would like to do one with you. I only have one other link on my blog right now. Only like to post good ones! Contact me at

  2. That would be great! I'll e-mail you....

  3. Don't give up Dude. Keep checking the thrifts and estate sales. Also, don't forget to keep an eye on Craigslist for items you can buy an flip.

  4. Utahbill- I hear you, Craiglist is always an option. You have to be quick there though, soon as you see a listing you have to jump on it before your competition gets to it.