Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dear tire kicker - Mind your own beeswax !

Have you ever been low-balled by potential buyers regarding your auction prices? It's happened to me more then once. Watch out for bidders who will test you with an e-mail asking for a low "Buy it Now" price. Their objective is to snap up your item before it can be bid up by other buyers. Don't let them fool you! If you're confident you've done your eBay or Terapeak research on it's value - stick with your price.

Here's a case in point on staying at your price: I found this slot car set at a local thrift store for just six bucks. Vintage slot cars and trucks are a hot eBay item and always see good bidding action. If you see them at the garage sale or thrift shop don't pass them up!

This particular set was a pair of racing trucks sold by Chef Boyardee back in the early Eighties. They were part of a mail order promotion and could only be purchased from Chef Boyardee. I was pretty stoked when I found them. For only six dollars, I had a special edition set complete with hand controllers and track. Throw in the fact they were never used and in the original box...a total eBay home run!

Knowing that slot cars are a hot selling item on eBay, I confidently set the starting bid at fifty dollars. I knew I could easily get that and probably much more. With a click of my mouse the set was posted and I began to count my potential profits. But shortly after posting, I received an e-mail from a "tire kicker". These are people who want to question you on your price with the hope of getting you to come down. This fella found time in his busy schedule to counsel me as follows:

"You want fifty bucks for that? Ha, good luck!"

This guy was a real downer! But I responded back with a friendly, "Yeah, that's a good deal for the set right? "

His terse response, "Ha, yeah right. I'll give you twenty"

It's never a good thing to start an e-mail war with some folks, so I ignored his smart-alecky e-mail offer. I knew full well this set was going to soar in price....but I did hold onto his e-mail for a later time.

As mentioned, there are a tremendous amount of slot car collectors on eBay. Just as I anticipated, bidders got revved up for my Chef Boyardee truck set. The fifty dollar starting bid didn't slow down the collectors at all. The auction bidding went viral and closed with a final price of.... are you ready?.......$103 dollars! Boo-Ya!

Remember the "tire kicker" who laughed at the starting bid? I knew he was probably stalking the auction from afar and had seen the final closing price. But since he had jumped into the deep end of my eBay pool, I just had to give him a last zing. I sent him an e-mail which was extremely brief and to the point. It said only the following:


He quickly responded back and unfurled a few inappropriate words on me and called my wonderful buyer a bleeping idiot. I am not sure why he was so upset, but his angry, over-the-top reaction cracked me up!

So don't let the naysayers and tire kickers keep you from earning your money. If you have done your eBay homework, stick to your price and you'll be rewarded!
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  1. Great post! I always tell the tire kickers that I have a strict policy to never end an auction early. As you said, if you've done your homework, stick to your price. If an item doesn't sell at auction, I will list it in my store, sometimes at a higher price, and wait for the right buyer. S/he will show up sooner or later. BTW, thanks for the tip on vintage slot cars!

  2. You said it Rita, if you wait they will bid! Let me know if you do some nice flips on the slot cars....

  3. Haha that's so funny, just happened to me....I sell clothes and someone just a few days ago sent me an email saying, 'I can't believe you're selling those shorts for $20, that's about what they cost new!' I decided to just ignore someone who has nothing better to do than tell me my prices are too high for them. Funny thing is, the shorts sold the very next day! So I then emailed her back telling her that I was sorry, the shorts she had just inquired about had sold already. Lol. People are silly!

  4. Anonymous-Great story, people can be annoying can't they? Good for you on sticking to your price and letting that skeptic know it sold, that's awesome! Thank for checking in and come back again!

  5. Tire kickers are people who will go to examine a used car. They try to inventory every single defect on the car, and use the list of problems found to haggle for a lower price, usually claiming that the difference from the asking price will be used to fix the problems found.