Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day !

In keeping with the holiday, I thought I would show you a sweet as candy Valentine themed sale I made recently. As you know, I sold off boo-koo American Girl Dolls and clothes during the Christmas shopping season. When I tell you I was swamped with American Girl inventory, I am not kidding! I was mailing stuff out at a dizzying rate, trying to maximize my profits. Seems like every Mom in the country buys their daughter American Girl gifts to put under the tree. Naturally, I saw nice high bid prices on most of my stuff.

However, I didn't sell all my American Girl doll stuff. One lot I held back on was this Bitty Baby Valentine's Day Set. I only paid three dollars for it during the garage sale season. It included a hat, shoes, skirt and shirt all with little Valentine hearts all over. It even included a little mailbox for the Valentine's day cards to be delivered to. Looking to give myself a break from posting one more American Girl set during Christmas, I decided to hold this set in reserve. I figured why not wait 4-6 weeks later when buyers are thinking Valentine's Day? Since my inventory starts to thin out anyway during the Winter months, this would be something to post at just the right time of the year. So I took a picture of the clothes and waited.

As we entered the slower paced January season I got itchy to post the Valentine's Day clothes set. A few weeks ago I couldn't wait anymore! I posted the set on a seven day auction that ended with plenty of time for it to be shipped by Valentine's Day. My patience paid off, lots of interested buyer's watched and bid on the set. When the auction closed my three dollar investment went for eleven times what I paid....thirty three dollars!

So even Valentine's Day can tweak up your eBay sales when it's the right item! Happy Valentine's Day !
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  1. Great flip! I can't believe you paid only $3 for it. Awesome!

  2. Can you tell us how to identify American Girl stuff if it out of the original packaged. Are they marked with logo's or anything?


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  4. Thanks Rita, I can't believe what some people will sell their stuff for too. I've paid five dollars for a complete doll!

    UtahBill- American Girl Dolls are 18 inches high, so the clothes have to fit accordingly. But most important is they have a small thumbnail size tag attached inside the clothes that reads "Pleasant Company". That's the name of the manufacturer. If it has that tag then it's American Girl. I also found sellers often sell the clothes along with the dolls. So that's a dead give-away. I usually will play dumb and act like I don't know what American Girl dolls are. This ruse comes in handy in keeping the selling price down. In other words, if I don't know it's expensive stuff, why would I pay the seller top dollar for it?

  5. Thanks Dude! I will keep an eye out for them.