Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mysteries of the Goodwill Store.

Ever see those double doors in the back of most Goodwill stores ? It's where all the merchandise comes rolling out to be sold. Maybe I get a little overly excited about the place, but you can't help but be amazed at what comes out those doors. Of course you're not going to find a treasure every single trip. I've seen my fair share of nasty looking junk. (If I had a dollar for every greasy George Foreman grill I spotted I'd be rich!) But if you consistently go to Goodwill, you'll uncover some valuable stuff that will keep you coming back for more. Here is just a few examples:

Not long ago, I found a Lenox porcelain statue from their "Garden Bird" bird series. The price was only five dollars. It was made of fine porcelain and depicted an American Robin perched above her nest. (If you want to see it, I posted a picture on my Twitter page.) This Lenox piece was still in the original box! I pulled the robin out of it's box and ran my finger all over feeling for chips. I was convinced I would find a flaw someplace, why else would it be marked for only five bucks in Goodwill? After careful examination there were no chips to be found. The thing was perfect! Fast forward to my eBay auction and boom.....sold it for $26 dollars! Goodwill and Lenox-who would have thunked it?

On another trip to Goodwill, I came across an official Nike "Team USA" hockey Jersey for a mere five dollars. It was brand new with all the tags attached. This was a "perfect storm" Goodwill find. With both the Christmas shopping season and the Winter Olympics just a few months away, I knew this would sell for a nice price. I scooped it up and posted it for Christmas shoppers. The selling price was very sold for an incredible $76 dollars! After happily counting my profits, I wondered how a brand new Olympic hockey jersey ended up in the Goodwill Store just before the Olympics? I guess I'll never know, but I was glad I found it!

Lastly, one of my more stranger finds at Goodwill was the Japanese radio-controlled car seen above. This was found new in the box, with the hand controller still wrapped in the original plastic. The outside of the box had all Japanese print, obviously it was meant for sale in the Japan. Stranger still, even though the toy looked brand new it was actually from the 1980s! You have to wonder where this toy was hiding for the last 25 years? Did Marty McFly bring it "Back to the future" in his Delorean? Was it lost in a warehouse for a quarter of a century? How the heck did it survive all these years, ending up on a shelf in my local Goodwill store? Another unexplained Goodwill mystery!

While I couldn't explain it's Goodwill lineage, I did know radio control cars can be hot sellers on eBay. So I barley hesitated at the price tag of twenty dollars. While it was a little more then I am use to spending, I had a good feeling about this toy. When I posted it for auction I saw my hunch pay off. The closing price was a whopping $88 dollars. This little red car netted me a profit of $68...not too shabby!

Like I said, you have to trip over a few George Foreman grills, old VCRs, and tacky shirts while shopping at Goodwill. But amongst all that junk can be little nuggets of gold! Just like the old time gold prospectors, you have to put the time in to find the gold. The three finds above grossed over $150 dollars for me...not a bad little gold nugget! So get yourself to your local Goodwill store and discover it's merchandise and mysteries!
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  1. Just found your blog! Love it!! Avid thrift store/garage sale hound myself. Appreciate you sharing your awesome finds!!

  2. Janice- Thanks very much, I am glad you like it! Bookmark me on Google friends and come back for more. I appreciate it ! .....Dude