Thursday, April 28, 2011

Don't let a little rain stop you!

Nothing hurts a successful garage sale excursion then rain. I am bummed when the weatherman forecasts rain for a Saturday morning because many folks cancel their yard sale. Such was the case one Saturday back in the Fall when I woke up to find it drizzling outside. When it rains I usually double check the yard sale ads looking for those that say, "rain or shine". If the fair weather yard sales wimp out, I usually can count on a few "rain or shines" to go to. On this rainy day I found one fella who consistently holds a garage sale every year. This guy is not one to sell junk either, so I made sure I stopped by. Sure enough he was open like his ad said, but his stuff was tightly crammed in his very well organized garage. (I'm jealous of guys like him) As I scanned around, he pointed out a pair of fishing waders to me that looked pretty expensive. I asked him his price and he told me he would take five bucks for them. Knowing that it could be the only thing I buy on this rainy day, and also that good quality fishing gear is always a winner, I gave him his five and scampered off. It turned out to be the only item I found that rainy day.

I posted them quickly, thinking the fishing season is fast coming to an end for this year. As I was hoping, my seven day auction attracted a lot of interest. This five dollar rainy day find closed with a sale of $35. Seven times my investment;boo-
yah!...a garage sale money maker!

My only downer was the buyer lived on the West Coast, costing me slightly more to ship then what I charged him.

So today's
garage sale tip: quality fishing waders and related gear equal a nice profitable return. Penn Reels are another name brand "hot" fishing item yo look for. Lastly, don't let a little rain stop you from hitting the garage sales!

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  1. Hey Dude!
    Your blog is great! I wonder if you can help me: I've got a few things that I've found & think will do well on Ebay - better than Craigslist, but I just got an account (and have zero feedback). Do you have any suggestions on how to get started? I don't want to list my "best" stuff with no feedback... right? Should I just buy & sell a few small things simply to build feedback? Seems like a waste of money, since I usually buy what I need at garage sales on the cheap. :)
    Thank you!

  2. Interesting quandary! The common school of thought is to buy a couple things on eBay to get your positive feedback going. You can find a lot of things for five to ten bucks with free shipping. (You gotta wonder how those sellers make any money?)

    If you're resistant to that idea, you may have to bite the bullet since your rookie status could dampen your sold prices. If you post an auction for a "hot" item the bids will come in anyway! After about a dozen positive feedbacks, you should be good to go. Most buyers won't give your new status a second thought.

    Your other option takes into account the new eBay fee schedule. They now charge a flat fee no matter what your starting price. So you could research your "best" items and see what the average "completed" sale price. Post your auction slightly lower, maybe by 20-30 percent. This doesn't expose you too much and gets them bidding.

    Either way you go, let me know how you do. If you have any other questions shoot me a comment.

    Thanks for the excellent question and for the "positive feedback" on my blog...Good Luck !