Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dora, can you say change for a twenty? (pause) That's good!

Just sold this Dora the Explorer toy chest for $25. Yet another superlative tip from (Thanks Jen!) See my link to this great site on the right hand side of my post. I bought this a few weeks ago at a yard sale held at a pre-school parking lot. (Boy was it hot out that day!) The Mom was asking $20, but I talked her down to $15. It just needed a little cleaning up and the bottom floor panel needed to be re-inserted into the side slot. That took all of a minute to fix and it was ready for re-sale.

After a few pix using my Itouch, I posted it on Craigslist for $40. The response was underwhelming, so I lowered it to $30 this weekend. After that price slash, a Mom made contact with me to buy the toy chest. To be honest, I am sure I could have eventually sold it for $40 if I just waited for the right buyer to come along. But my philosophy is to flip things over fast and move on to the next deal. So in keeping with my "in and out" strategy, I arranged to meet the buyer's husband at the local Dunkin Donuts to make the sale.

Here is a little tip for when you meet a Craigslist buyer: bring plenty of change. I can not tell you how many times I've met a buyer who had only large bills to give me. Then they expect you to make change like you're a bank teller! What the heck? For this sale, the husband handed over two twenties, needing ten back. (Another Craigslist pet peeve: if a buyer knows exactly what they will be paying for an item, why don't they bring exact change?) Of course, I didn't have a ten, so the Dad dug around his wallet for smaller bills. He found a five note, and like the softy that I am, I told him that was fine. So to avoid these awkward moments, always assume the buyer is going to show up with a one hundred dollar bill. In other words, bring plenty of change! If you have to wear one of those little change dispensers on your belt, go ahead and do it!

So I walked away with a small profit of ten dollars. Not huge, but it was partly my own fault. Either way, I'll take a ten dollar profit any day of the week! As an interesting side note, I should point out that when the Mom called me about the toy chest, she also asked if I had any other "Dora the Explorer" items? So there's definitely strong interest in little Dora!

Put Dora on your buy list along with a note to carry plenty of change!
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  1. Great flip, but annoying about the change. I often buy off of CL and always make sure to have the correct change even if it means buying a soda or something to break a $20. I usually meet people at a store parking lot like Walgreens so then at least you could tell them to go inside and ask for change. Definitely adding Dora to my list and I also think nice toy chests are something that parents are looking for.

  2. Angela-I know right? Last month I met a guy who bought a bike rack from me for $100. When he arrived, he told me he needed to go find an ATM machine to pay me the cash!!! I know he had to have passed a dozen ATMs when he drove to our meetiing place....unbeleivable!

    Great idea having them make change at a local store. Thanks for your comments, good stuff!

  3. I love Craigslist flips! I bought a Bumbo baby seat (no tray) at a YS on Saturday for $4, brought it home took some pictures and flipped it the next day for $15!

    I always try to bring change with me but I usually try to meet near a supermarket so someone can run in and buy a pack of gum or something if they need money. Very annoying though!

  4. Samantha-I just learned about those Bumbo seats after reading about them on YardSaleMommy.Com. Seems like a sure thing. They are on my buy list now too!

    Yep, those CL buyers who don't carry change drive me nuts! It seems like this is definitely a shared pet peeve amongst us yard sale flippers!

    Thanks for checking in !