Thursday, July 14, 2011

Harry Potter and the Magical Lego sets.

Unless you've been living in a cave this past week, you may have noticed all the hub-bub surrounding the movie lease of the final Harry Potter movie. In honor of that much publicized event, I wanted to do some bragging about some awesome garage sale flips involving good old Harry.

My best Harry Potter flip involved the set seen in this photo. I found this set at a garage sale a few years ago. Amazingly, it was from 2001 and had never been opened! I knew I hit the jackpot on this from past experience selling these sets. A few months earlier I had found an identical, but used set which I paid just two dollars for. The used set quickly sold on Ebay for $165! After that first sale, I knew to keep an eye out for any Potter Lego sets! A few weeks later, I found a smaller Potter Lego set in the original box for fifty cents. I turned around and sold this set on eBay for $41 dollars. Not a bad return for just two quarters!

Having learned about the great Potter Lego market, I discovered the above set at a yard sale of very big, fancy home. I almost lost the set to a middle schooler who also spotted it, but he passed over it for a Lego soccer team set. (Not worth nearly as much) As mentioned earlier, this set had never been opened! The castle and other buildings were still sealed in individual plastic bags. This was an incredible find! What was more incredible was the price... a meager five dollars! I couldn't believe my luck at finding a mint set that had never been opened. I knew I could sell this set for big dollars right away, but I decided to maximize my return and patiently wait until the Christmas season. (See my link to on the right side of this page for more great info on selling during the holidays.)

After waiting several months, I posted the Potter Lego set on Ebay in the beginning of December. I made it a ten day auction hoping that many "Moms" would find the set and cause a huge bidding war. Let's face it, when it comes to Christmas presents won't most moms do anything to buy that special gift for their kids? They will and they did! My Harry Potter Lego set soared like Harry on his Broom, topping out at a Wizardly $227 dollars! While I never read the books, I became a big Harry Potter fan after that impressive sale!

Keep an eye out for these sets at your local garage sales. While the movies and books have come to an end, the fans will continue to buy those "Magical' Lego sets!
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  1. Just found your blog & I am loving it! I'm an avid garage saler & thrift store junkie & you and other blogs like YardSaleMommy are inspiring me to try harder to turn some profits.

  2. Thanks Amanda, I am glad you like it. Keep coming back, I have lots more stories!