Wednesday, July 27, 2011


There's a huge variety of stuff you can find at garage sales that can make you money. I am guilty of sometimes overlooking certain things because it's not in my area of expertise. Popular kid's toys are one of those areas for me. But lately I've been attempting to sharpen my knowledge base on kid's toys. If you follow great blogs like you'll know why. There is awesome money to be made on all the kid's toy stuff out there! For example, here's a nice flip I did a few months ago on something called V-Smile game cartridges. These systems are made by VTech, a well-known computer toy manufacture for kids. If you can't find these games on a given Saturday, either you're not looking hard enough or someone beat you to them! These lavender color games are super popular and are a frequent "for sale" item found at garage sales. The kicker though is this-the games sell very well on eBay. But the actual game systems...not so much.

I picked up all the games you see here, plus the gaming system for $8 dollars. I turned around and sold the games for a total of $36 dollars. But I wasn't done yet...I still had the game system. I've noticed though that the money is in the games and not the game system. So rather then sell the clunky game system for little profit, I took a page from my earlier exploits and sold just the system's battery compartment door. Kids lose those dang doors all the time! When the door goes missing how are you going to keep those batteries in place? Recognizing this universal problem made me an extra five dollars... a nice little profit! Taken all together, I cleared $33 dollars in all.

So Look for V-Smile games next time you are at the garage sales. If you find a battery door, buy that too!
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  1. I sold a vtech game system with 8 games awhile back for $40 I only paid $2 for the whole thing. They also make a baby vsmile which I sold for $20. Vtech toys seem to sell quite well for me

  2. beckyp-That's a great flip! They are a winner right? Thanks for checking in! ...Dude

  3. Ya'll need to school me on Vtech. I have no clue about this stuff but you are right, I see it all the time!! What is the retail on this, and how much would you pay?

  4. Jen-A dollar per game and maybe $5 for the system would be fair price to buy....Dude

  5. Oh and retail I am gonna say $50 or more for systems, the games are probably $15 or more...