Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Boys of Summer

Around my neck of the woods the number of garage sales has really dropped off. It's the peak of summer and folks are away on vacation or just staying inside their air conditioned homes. It's so bad that I found only two yard sales listed this weekend in my local paper. And like the drop in yard sales, most Ebay sellers will tell you sales tend to drop off this time of year too. But when the going gets tough, the tough eBay seller always finds something good to sell. For my money, golf shirt sales seem to be unaffected during the "dog days" of Summer. Why? Because many golfers are still out there duffing around in the hot weather. If you're golfing, then you need shirts. So shirts I sell!

When it comes to golf shirts, most of my inventory comes from local Goodwill Stores. Many of the shirts I find are new, always a big selling point with buyers. Used shirts sell for much less or sometimes don't sell at all. While I am not the first eBay blogger to sing the praises of golf shirts sales, some of my flips have been pretty amazing. Here are some brands that I've done well with:

Nike "Dri-Fit"
Bobby Jones Collection
Augusta National and/or Masters Collection
Adidas "Clima Cool"

And the best of all......Under Armour.

Check out the picture of this beautiful Under Armour golf shirt. I found it in the racks at Goodwill and it set me back a whole five dollars. Best of all, it came with something that always guarantees a big sale price...original tags still attached! Most Under Armour shirts are hot sellers on eBay-when you add brand new with tags attached....a home run for sure!

While I was confident this shirt was going to sell for good money, it exceeded even my expectations. My five dollar purchase sold on eBay for a jaw dropping $58 dollars!

So if your other inventory is moving slow during the dog days of Summer, sell golf shirts. It's a hole in one!

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  1. Totally adding this to my list of things to look for at Goodwill! Although, we live in a community with a lot of retirees and golfers, so hopefully they're not already picked through. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Thanks! I read this before I left this morning, and then I picked up a golf shirt!

  3. Angela-Local retirees could mean more golf shirts (and other old stuff) donated to your local Goodwill....a good thing!

    Megan-Best of luck with the shirt, hope you do well with it....that was good timing!

    Thanks for both your comments, stop by again and happy hunting!

  4. Hi! I'n a new follower! I just found your blog via the Thrift Store Junkie blog. I haven't been having much luck at garage sales this year, but my niche is old stuff. I've been doing pretty well at estate sales lately.

  5. Hi, I know what you mean. It''s hit or miss right? But the hits can be awesome, so it's all about just getting out there. Thanks for following and good luck at all the sales!

  6. its nice shirt, hope to buy soon in coming weekend!