Saturday, October 22, 2011

Icons on eBay

If you are even remotely following the news, you know that the Steve Jobs biography is about to go on sale. You don’t need me to tell you about Job’s great contributions-that will be discussed by greater minds then me. But one of the missions of this blog is to inform you of what's hot on eBay right now. I also like to be topical, discussing events currently in the news. So I'll point out an obvious truism...stuff associated with Steve Jobs can sell for a lot of money on eBay. As we’ve seen in the past, whether it's Elvis, Micheal Jackson or other icons, people want stuff associated with that famous person. Naturally, this is now happening with most anything related to Jobs. A few examples stand out.

For a very long time, hard-core Apple enthusiasts have sought the Time magazine issues which feature Jobs on the cover. Of particular interest is the 1982 copy featuring Job’s first appearance on Time’s cover. (seen above) Since then, Jobs has appeared on the cover several more times. Each one is highly sought after by the Apple collectors with the older covers obviously selling sell for more. But either way, if Jobs is on the cover of a magazine, it's worth something. Just a few weeks ago, a 1982 Time cover sold for $162 dollars! You can expect to see other copies go even higher. So when you're at the yard sales, it’s worth your time to flick through any old stack of news and computer tech magazines looking for Steve Jobs covers.

My sons are big Apple users and huge admirers of Jobs. So several years ago, I learned of an unauthorized “Steve Jobs” plush toy doll that was selling like hot cakes on eBay. The doll was an eight inch likeness of Jobs, right down to his trademark glasses, black shirt and Levi jeans. It was so popular that the doll company sold out of the figures quickly and you had to back-order it and wait for more to be made. I ordered two for my guys, but I never received them because the company was slammed with a cease and desist order from Apple. (Apple is extremely protective of their name and Jobs' likeness.) Needless to say, those rare dolls can't be found anywhere today. But imagine what one of those dolls would sell for today on eBay? The sky is the limit! Dude's Postscript: Just looked them up, they are selling for as much as $500 on eBay!

Another highly sought after Apple item is the "Think different" poster series. These posters were produced by Apple as part of an advertising campaign from 1997 to 1998 and feature such icons as Thomas Edison, Jim Henson, Bob Dylan and other historical figures. Some of these posters today easily fetch $1000 or more on eBay. If you find an original "Think different" poster at a garage sale, it's definitely your lucky day. But be careful, like anything else there are knock-offs out there.

Currently on eBay there are a slew of a Steve Jobs figurines for sale. A few months ago the average price was around $35. Now some sell for for $100 or more, with some sellers even asking over $2000! (I guess it can't hurt to ask right?)

Take a look yourself on eBay-you'll be amazed at the variety of Steve Jobs stuff listed. I guess everyone wants to own a piece of an Icon.

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  1. will ebay allow you to sell a steve jobs plush doll that was unauthorized?

  2. I think you may be able to or a least do a quick "BIN" before it's kicked off. Not that I've ever done something like that myself. ; )

  3. I am going to have to keep my eye out when I go out this Saturday for any Times magazines like that. Hey, look at the books section at your local thrift stores too! You never know..

  4. GSa- Definitely, check the computer mags too if you see any. They also go for decent bucks on the E-bay!

  5. Oh how I wish I was at my mom's house where boxes and boxes of magazines and books are being stored. My dad's stuff he collected over the years. He had a lot of National Geographic magazines, and a few older Playboy magazines. Anything valuable in any of those two? I bet all the money in the world that my dad has this issue of Time somewhere. My luck I will find it when all the hype has passed, and thus no more profit to be made. I do have a small collection of my dad's stuff here that I never went through. I think I will go rummage through it and see if there is anything good. I know he has a lot of those "reel to reel" movies. Even some empty metal reels. Not sure what those are worth. I will let you know what I find if I get a chance to look through it all today. Wish me luck!

  6. you know I am not a vintage expert, nor does vintage stuff interest me. But, when it involves money, you bet I am going to be interested!! :)

  7. Good luck! Jobs was on the cover multiple times so maybe you have mutiple covers in your Dad's stuff.
    Seems like any of those Time covers are seeing $100 bucks or more...start digging!

    Playboy for sure, noteworthy covers like the Madonna issue. Complete year sets seem to get bidding action.

    National Geo, overall I don't think so. Just too many of them out there....

  8. Cool! I know my dad has the Playboy issue from when Ronald Regan's daughter (I think her name is Kitty) posed for Playboy. He has a few other Playboys back home in Miami. I bet he has the Madonna issue. What fun would you have going through his boxes and boxes of stuff. He collected stuff that he loved, and stuff that he knew was going be worth money one day. He never did like selling his stuff though. I remember his house being like packed to the rim with all sorts of weird eclectic stuff. He was kind of a hoarder. But a hoarder of good stuff.. lucky for me. I didn't look through his stuff here at my house today.. but I will this weekend for sure! You are right about it slowing down (garage sale wise). There is like maybe 4-5 sales that I might go to tomorrow (out of like 20 ads in my area).

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