Monday, November 28, 2011

Uggs in my trash can...Has someone in the house lost their mind?

Finding stuff to sell on Ebay can come from the least expected places. Not long ago, I was throwing some trash in the garbage can when I looked inside and stumbled backward in disbelief! Laying on top of the trash were my daughter's Ugg boots! If you know anything about girl's fashion, you know Uggs are the hottest boots around. All the girls just gotta have them and they're not cheap! A new pair of Uggs can easily retail for $150 down at your local mall. 

The boots I retrieved from the trash were very familiar to me. They were a Christmas gift to my daughter only two years before! I even have home video of daughter grinning from ear to ear when she tried on her new Uggs for the very first time! Now just over two years later, the boots were cast aside in the garage can like those poor misfits toys from Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer!

I was incredulous...sure they were old and worn,
but they were still Ugg boots! So I fished the boots out and with disapproving looks from both my daughter and wife, went right to my computer to look up what used Uggs sell for on Ebay. As I bolted past her, my daughter skeptically commented, "Who's going to buy an old pair of beat-up Uggs?" Clearly, all my hard work selling on eBay had not made one iota of an impression on her! To help daughter understand, I modified one of my favorite movie lines, replying "Dearest...if you post it, they will bid!" My daughter rolled her eyes and went back to concentrating on more important things-watching the latest episode of MTV's "Jersey Shore".

Typing in "Ugg Boots" on eBay, I found over 500 used pairs up for auction. Just like my daughter's, not all the boots listed were in fantastic shape. But the important thing was that most were getting bids. That was good enough for me. I listed our trash can pair and was straight up about their condition. Soles...worn. Toe caps...worn. Insole....yep, worn too! I also posted a bunch of pictures showing all the wear and tear. I didn't want the buyer to complain later that I wasn't up front. My description emphasized that while they were definitely worn, they were still real Uggs. With the Ebay world flooded with all kinds of Ugg knock-offs, at least my buyer would know they were getting the real deal!

Uggs in the trash? It's a world gone mad!!
I listed the boots for a starting bid of $9.99 and they quickly shot up to $16 in only the first day.
As the auction continued to tick along, the trash-found Uggs had a ton of page views. What did my daughter say? Nobody wants used, beat up Uggs?....puhleeze! When the auction finally closed I once again proved that Dad knows best... those trash can Uggs sold for a winning bid of $32 dollars! The way I looked at it, that was money that almost got thrown away!

Even though she initially doubted her dear old Dad, I decided to give my daughter the $32 dollars. I was a little conflicted about doing that. I mean how's she going to learn the value of money when Dad just keeps handing it over to her? 

So I guess I need to check my trash can on a regular basis. Who knows what my kids are going to throw away next?!

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  1. I'm just glad I don't have 1,000 items to list - what an awful lot of work that would be!!

  2. I know, right? And think about the shipping involved...whew!

  3. Not just Uggs either... many people on ebay buy used and beat up pairs of shoes. Some I've seen go for over $100!!!!