Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cowabunga's a mixed lot!

Take a look at these two baskets of toys. Originally I thought these were mostly Legos, but turns out they had some nice extra stuff mixed in. I bought them from a nice lady who started her garage sale at 9 AM sharp. Even though it was a late start, I somehow beat the "early birds" and had first crack at everything. Walking up the driveway, I was blown away at the amount of boy's toys. There were so many boxes and baskets of toys that it was almost overwhelming. Making matters worse, the toys were all mixed together. Don't you hate that? Basic Legos were mixed in with Bionicals. Duplos were thrown with Star Trek action figures. The mixed lot anarchy went on and on like this! It was enough to give any serious garage sale hunter conniptions! I mean gee-whiz, why can't kids neatly segregate their toys in separate containers by product? Yeah....maybe on another planet!

Despite the disorganized mess , I was able to walk away with a bunch of things including the two baskets of the loose pieces seen above. As I said, they included not just Star Wars Legos, but other brands too. I paid ten dollars for both baskets. After a little work combing through the pile, I was able to separate pieces by toy brands. If you look closely at the photo you'll see two little Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles standing proudly in front of the whole mess. Those two little guys were the first to go on the eBay auction block. Even though one guy was headless, I managed to sell the pair for ten dollars-the exact amount of my initial investment. Now all the other pieces were pure profit! With my original ten dollars back in my pocket, the remaining pieces were sold as follows:

Lot of Power ranger action figures and parts....$15

Lot of Lego Start War figures.............................$20

Lot of Lego Star War spaceship pieces.............. $19

Lot of Polly Pocket figures..................................$15

Fantastic Four Action figure...............................$11

So adding up all the auctions, those two baskets made me $80 big ones! And I still have some leftover pieces that I may be able to squeeze a few more dollars from. That's why I love mixed lots. If you buy the right stuff they can just keep giving! As the Ninja Turtles like to yell, "Cowabunga Dude!"

How have you done with mixed lots? If you have a major "mixed lot" score go ahead and brag about it in the comment section below!
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  1. I bought 2 mixed bags of ghostbusters, madballs, beetlejuice figures, and a few other figures for $5. Sold them for $84!!!

  2. I wrote a post recently how I bought a little container of Lego for $1. I found a $5.00 table gaming chip to our local casino inside! I combined that bit of Lego with my daughters' Lego pieces and sold 4-1/2 pounds of it for $55.00.

  3. Hey dude! Thanks for writing this article despite it being the beginning of the holiday selling season! Hoorah! I try to stay clear of stuff I don't know much about, but I did buy a huge box of what the seller told me was bionicals and bionical lego parts. I paid a great price for the whole container (I think it was like $10), but I am not one to sit around and separate stuff like that. I have yet to sell it. This would be a great time to sell that kind of stuff, right? Toys are my least favorite to sell. I love to sell things that I love to buy. Toys.. aren't on my hot list. I have a huge passion for clothing. When the season comes, I get my whole family involved and we sort through boxes and boxes of clothing that I store by season. We usually separate things in piles based on sizes and girl/boy womens/mens ..etc. That's my fun time! The worst part is ironing it when I am about to photograph it. That takes forever and I just don't like ironing. 39 degrees this morning...ugh! I don't like it when I have to go out there to start the car at 6:30 am, only to have it warm enough to drive 0.5 miles to bring my son to school. The worst part is that this is just the start of the cold. Winter..Bah! Humbug! :)

  4. I have another little story to add to your blog. In my neck of the woods, when it's a holiday in that weekend, or week...even if it is President's day, the garage sales are always slow that Saturday. So, with Halloween being on Monday, the Saturday before...there were just a handful of sales. I did see an ad that said "Video games, Video consoles, and American Girl clothing" Three of my most loved items. I love the video games because .. well.. duh! they sell well on ebay (well, most do). I don't care much for the console unless it is complete and cheap. and the American Girl (AG) clothing.. OMG! So, I drive up to this garage sale about 5 minutes prior to 7 am (their advertised sale start time). NOTHING! darkness. Darn, so I leave the area go to another sale close by and then I come back. To my surprise, they were setting up! I pull up, and it looks to me that I am the first one. The first thing I say to the woman is, are you selling American Girl clothing.. she says yeah and goes in her house and brings out this huge bag of AG outfits, shoes, and clothing galore! I take a brief look, and ask how much she wanted for the bag, and she said $30, I asked for $20 and she accepted my offer! I was in lala land at that moment,..but wait, it can't be this good.. then she says "Yeah, they are all handmade for the AG dolls." My smile quickly turns to a frown. If you know anything about AG clothing. They are not worth squat if they are handmade. So, I nicely put the bag down and give her a BS answer as to why I can't buy them. So, I move over to the video games.. excitement builds again... they are Mario games! Anything Mario, sells. So, I see like 5 games that are instant $20-$30 each if I ebay them. Then I say how much for all 5? The guy looks and says oh, you got my good ones.. oh it comes. "They are $10 each." UGH! Good grief, this sale is a flop! I ended up picking up 2 of the ones that I know are going to bring in good cash. I haggle a bit and get 3 games and a game shark for the N64 and paid $30. Not a bargain, but I will still make some money. So, my Saturday sucked! Let's hope for a good morning tomorrow!

  5. Feetinwater-Sweet,$5 gets you $84, I 'll take that all day long. Didn't know about "Madballs" But now that I do,I am watching for them! Thanks...Dude

    Hey Clamco! I would have to hand over that chip to my wife. By the way, would that possibly be the Mt Airy Lodge or the Sands Casino? Just wondering. I am going to re-investigate bulk Legos market based on your return of $55, I usually stick to the Specialty Legos of Star Wars and Potter, But maybe I should open up my horizons! Thanks

    GSa-Great stories! You had my heart pumping on the American Girl doll stuff until you learned it was handmade. Oh the horror, right? What a major let down. Isn't it funny that sellers seem to take pride in saying their doll clothes are handmade, when in fact that doesn't amount to a hill of beans in value.

    I like selling clothes too, but don't have the knowledge base you have. (Sounds like you have a big family production running in your house! lol) So I like to stick to a few things I do know like sports jersey, golf shirts and related. I especially love how easy it is to ship clothes too. Stuff them in a shipping envelope and they're gone, no fuss or muss!

    I am trying to learn more about kids toys after reading YArdSaleMommy great flips. She really knows here stuff in this area and it seems like if you can get a good knowledge base going, you can make nice change selling toys.

    Thanks everyone for your great comments, hope to see more from all our readers!