Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stop your listings tonight & save $$$ ! ! !

Stop the presses, hold your horses, and stop the clock! SUNDAY NIGHT NEWFLASH........!

I just received an e-mail from eBay a little while ago stating the following:

Seller Special
One day only: November 21
Applies to Auction-style listings
Pay just 1¢ to list an item
New eBay ads mean more buyer
Of course, I read this right after I hit the "List your item" button and paid 50 cents for a listing! (I hate when that happens.) But with this offer, I am done for the night. Better to pay a penny for a Christmas listing then 49 cents more right?

Just thought I'd pass the word in case you haven't checked your e-mails this evening. Back to posting tomorrow-for less money!
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  1. And all 7-day auctions that are listed tomorrow will end on Cyber Monday. Seems like that couldn't hurt!

  2. I listed a bunch tonight.. but have more to list. What time is good to end an auction on Cyber Monday? During the day, or in the evening?

  3. The post office will be busy next Tuesday!

  4. I just luv it when I get the email from ebay. With ONE day notice to get my act together. Though I try to keep a stash now of items that I'd like to start @ a higher price. But don't like paying the extra couple of cents to do so. So hopefully I will be busy get ready for Bauer & Hull pottery listings!

  5. Listing in the evening is best, more people are home on the computer.

    A Mom...You're right, that late day notice is kind of sneaky on eBay's part. Obviously they know that if they announce earlier in the day, no one will list. So they drop the announcement in the evening.

    Hope y'all don't get carpal tunnel syndrome from typing out all those listings today! ; )

    Good luck!

  6. Do you do well when Ebay runs these promotions? It seems like the market will be flooded with so many auctions and they may not even see mine. Last week they were running free 1, 3 or 5 day auctions. I listed 53 auctions and only sold one item. Yup just one item and of course the bidder has not paid yet

  7. Hi beckyp - I think these promotions are a "can't lose" situation. It's only a penny per listing, so it's basically free. If the auction doesn't sell, eBay typically lets you re-list for free, so you're getting at least 14 days of exposure for a penny. With it being the Holidays, you're going to have more people looking,so hopefully some stuff will sell.

    If you haven't already, I would re-list those 53 listing tonight and any other unsold items you have.

    Good luck! ;)