Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A very A-Team Christmas

Isn't it funny how during the holiday shopping season you can often unload items that received zero bids in previous auctions? Sometimes I've become convinced that I'll never get a bid on certain things. Then I post the same item in December and BAM..... someone buys it! It's all part of the magic of Christmas I guess.

This old GMF View-Master featuring the A-Team is a good example of this. For those younger folks, this was a very popular show on NBC back in the early Eighties. The break-through character was "Mr. T" who's catch phrase was, "I pity the fool!" I found this View-Master for a buck at a yard sale a few years ago. Since it was in nice condition and in the original packaging, I thought this was going to be an easy sale for me. But it turned out that the A-Team was more like the B-Team. I posted this several times during the Summer months and didn't get a nibble. I guess I thought more highly of Mr. T and the A-Team then most eBay buyers did. After a few more no-sale auctions, I put the A-Team up on the shelf. I was starting to feel like the fool that Mr. T was referring to!

But then the Christmas selling season arrived with the promise of holiday shoppers. Needing to recover my huge one dollar initial investment, I decided to make a last desperate attempt to sell my A-Team View-Master. I posted the auction in December and guess what? The A-Team View-Master that couldn't get a bid in the summer, saw multiple bids in December. The closing auction price was $31 dollars...I was a fool no longer!

So if you have some "junk" laying around that you think can't sell, try it one more time for the holidays. There's still plenty of time. Remember, if I can sell my A-Team View-Master, you can sell your "no-bid" stuff too!

How have you done this season? If you had a few successes this month let us all know.
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  1. I waited until November to list some of my collectible Santas from the 1980s. And so did everyone else! I didn't get what I thought they were worth, and certainly not even close to what I paid for them, but they all sold and I'm happy they are being enjoyed by someone else now. I'm done selling for a while. Will start again after the new year. Have a great holiday season Dude!

  2. Hi Clamco- There's always that drawback that everyone lists at the same time, but that's also when everyone is looking to buy as well. I just sold some vintage aluminum Xmas trees. While I had lots of competition, I would not get even close to what they sold for if they were listed earlier this year. I think the same could be said for your Santas.

    Some sale prices are down, but I think it has more to do with the poor economy then any other factor. I have noticed a difference. But I am glad you got them sold!

    Happy holidays to you and the Clamco family! ...Dude

  3. Hi Dude - Happy Holidays!
    Over the summer I picked up an Abominable Snowman/Bumble stuffie @Goodwill for $1.99....he's the monster from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I remembered Yard Sale Mommy advising once that he is a good seller during the holiday season. I can now say that yes he is! My $1.99 Bumble just sold for $37!! I still cannot figure out why, but who am I to question those holiday shoppers?
    Happy 2012 to all and keep an eye out for those Bumbles if you have the room to store him until next year.

  4. I'm trying to unload stuff that's been piling up in our coat closet, but it's not working! I've been sitting down every night and tweaking listings, like changing categories or titles or sending BIN to auction, and I'm seeing some stuff go out the door, but not enough. Hopefully next week, the sweaty "I forgot to buy so-and-so a present" desperation will kick in and I'll see more stuff go! Happy Holidays, ya'll!

  5. Hey Jill- How awesome is it that you can turn $2 dollars into $37? Nice work! I am definitely going to look out for Mr. Bumble.

    Keeping with that theme,I've sold two separate lots of the Rudolph figurines. Made $21 on a set I found at Goodwill for a buck. Watch for them too at thrift stores and garage sales.

    Happy Holidays ! : )

    Maggie-Next week will be the final push, so hopefully you'll get some bids on your stuff. When I have stuff I can't sell, I send it to my "garage sale" box to await the spring. If I can't sell it at my own garage sale, it's off to Goodwill. Sort of like "paying it forward" as they! Good luck with your last minute sales!