Monday, December 26, 2011

Would Santa surf Ebay after Christmas?

Earlier today, I posted a comment on my Twitter feed advising everyone to look out for an eBay listing special this week. eBay has a long history of announcing a listing special right after Christmas. Since the "in-between" holiday week is always slow, it's eBay's way of luring sellers and buyers back into the water! Sure enough, a few hours after my Twitter comment, eBay announced this.....

Sellers: 3-day special! List Auction-style for free, December 27-29. Add Buy It Now for free, too!

I don't know how many buyers are out there trolling eBay during this holiday week. My guess is not too many. Most folks are returning presents, buying marked down wrapping paper and cleaning up after all the holiday festivities. In other words, doing everything but going on eBay. But since you can't beat the price of free, and the auctions run for seven days, I'll post some stuff. If you decide to list some auctions, be careful not to start your prices too low. It's questionable how many bidders you'll have. Nothing worse then selling something at a low starting bid when you know it's worth much more. To keep from getting burned, start your items close to the price you'd like to see them sell for. Remember, the listing is free so you have nothing to lose!

What's your opinion on this "in-between" week? Either way, good luck and enjoy the rest of the holidays!
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  1. I have eight things to ship just from this weekend and today alone! I have another two waiting for payment. Eight might not be a lot for some people but for me, this is the big time. Everyone's bought my cool stuff, so I have to go thrifting tomorrow and find more auction-y stuff. My best auction item hand's down: XL-XXL men's Polo shirts (preferrably with the pony).

  2. Maggie-That's good, but it's not so much that you sell your stuff. Rather it's the number of potential bidders you can attract and drive up the bid price. So with your auctions that closed this past weekend (Christmas eve and & Christmas day) you end up hurting yourself. It's all about getting the most amount of eyeballs to the auction. More eyeballs means more bids!

  3. I have only been selling since Aug.(2011) but I am always trying to look ahead. Is there an upcoming trend to get ready for such as Easter items, summer items, or is it too early and winter is still on everyone's mind. I am blessed to live in FL so I am sort of out of touch here.

    Your advice on here has been ever so helpful.

  4. I listed about 45 auctions this morning - they were all store (buy it now) items that ended over the Christmas holiday. I figured, it's free, it's 7 days, why not do a bunch of Sell Similars and get some visibility? The way I handled it is this: my starting auction price is the same price or within a dollar or 2 of my prior BIN price so then I made my current BIN prices a dollar or 2 more than they were before, depending on the item. That way, if there is just 1 bidder, I'm still good with my selling price. No, I don't expect even half of them to sell, but it's free so I have to try! :)

  5. Tallymomma - During the winter months, I stockpile the baseball jerseys, golf shirts, Under Armour & Nike running shirts. I'll post them when Spring hits. I recently found an "Ugly St. Patrick's Day" sweater, if you can believe that! I'll be selling this in March just before St Paddy's day. Basically you have to think ahead a few months in advance, just like the big department stores.

    Jeanie- I did the same thing. I listed a bunch of items that went unsold during Christmas, I'll start posting new inventory tonight and tomorrow.

    Good luck to you both!

  6. Dude - do you sell mostly auctions? Or do you have a store, do BIN?

  7. Veronica-I do mostly auctions, but will do BIN for 30 day runs. I don't like the added costs of having a store. I am not ruling it out, may try it someday. But with a BIN that cost only 50 cents, you can list for 30 days. If I can't get something sold in a month or two, then maybe the item's a stinker.

    But everyone has a different opinion on stores vs BIN & auctions, that's just how I roll.....

  8. Dude, I have a Tissot and Gucci watch which are 4-5 years old...bought by me. When is the good time to sell on ebay? I listed them before xmas but they didnt sell (maybe I put the starting bid as 50 and 30...) I am totally new....Could you help me please? Waiting for your answer. Thanks

  9. Hey Rams, I would do a little eBay research an see what similar models have sold for. Then maybe do "Buy it Now" for 30 days at around the same price. I am assuming they're Men's watches, so you could also wait until Fathers Day. You should have no problem selling them.

    If you really want to move them now though, go with an auction. If you are worried that you may not get what you feel they're worth, you can set the starting price high, or add a "Reserve" price on the auction. (Although reserve prices can turn off some buyers)

    Good luck and let me know how you do....Dude

  10. Dude! Long time no talk! Been thinking about you. I've been around the blog scene a little here, a little there. I do have a comment to add to this blog entry. I have an ebay store, so I am starting to list all of my spring outfits with BIN. Now is the time to stock pile listings for spring outfits. The more items that you have in your store that are in the same size range, the more chances of getting buyers that want to take advantage of my combined shipping deal. Makes sense, right? Buyer sees a nice spring dress in size 4T and reads my phrase "More 4T items in my store." They are going to want to check it out and save in shipping. Then they might see something in a size 8 for their son, or size XL for hubby. Makes for good marketing. In Feb., I will start listing all of my Masters related items. Think ahead always in this business. Well, that is with the stuff that I sell. But, you are right.. think like the department stores. They are clearing out their Christmas stuff to make space for the next holiday. I'm still around... I am listing more than I am blogging, so that is a good thing! :)

  11. Hey GSA! Yep, I figured you were super busy selling. Knowing the volume you move in clothing, I appreciate your comments on selling clothing for the upcoming season. You know your stuff!

    Keep on listing and have a Happy New Year ! TTL...Dude

  12. I also received an e-mail regarding the December 27 -29 three day listing special. However, as I mentioned previously on this site a few weeks ago, I had an e-bay buyer who was not pleased with an item they purchased from me. I offered a full refund, however, the buyer wanted me to pay for the return shipping. When I declined, she filed a complaint with e-bay. E-bay issued the buyer a full refund, including her original shipping cost and allowed the buyer keep the merchandise too! The Buyer left negative feedback and left low star ratings.
    I was a Power Seller with 100% positive feedback before this transaction. As of New Years Day, I have now fallen below standard, in the seller dashboard, Paypal has put a 21 day hold on all funds from sales through e-bay and I am expected to ship any items sold, pay for the shipping myself and then wait until my funds are released from paypal after 21 days!
    Also, because of my now below standard dashboard rating, e-bay would not allow me to participate in the 3 day no fee listing event. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH E-BAY AND PAYPAL? Does Paypal have the right to hold my $ from my sales, then expect me to fund the shipping cost from my bank, ship the item, then wait until the buyer receives their item and leaves feedback before I have the funds from sales?

  13. I agree, Ebay can really put a seller over the barrel.They did that to me once too, right before Xmas! I called them and patiently explained how they were screwing me over! If I recall correctly they did help me out. You should call them and see if you can work something out with you.

    Since that experience, I try to bend over backwards for a buyer who complains. Believe me, it can be a real pain because a few buyers can be first class jerks. But here's the way I look at it...You have to suppress the perfectly understandable need to blast the complaining, irrational buyer and just give them what they want. You have to do this sometimes even though it's not fair to you. This includes giving them a refund on the return shipping. When you strip it all down, you're basically paying them off NOT to file negative feedback! It's a sad, screwed up system created by eBay.

    When I refund a bad egg buyer, I try to keep in mind all the great sales and $$$ I made. That occasional refund is the cost of making money on eBay.

    Hope you can work something out with eBay on the telephone-good luck!....Dude