Monday, February 27, 2012

Vintage Computer Games for sale

Imagine this scenario. How would you like to pull something out of the back of your closet and turn it int0 big cash dollars? Something you had stored away and pretty much forgot about over time. Maybe as the years pass you considered throwing it away, or selling it for a few bucks at your garage sale. Then you finally pull it out of the closet and wisely decide to sell it on eBay. You end up being way glad that you did, because as the auction progresses you realize you just may have something big on your hands!

That scenario may have happily played out with one lucky eBay seller. While researching vintage gaming systems, I found this listing for an old "Sears Tele-Games Motorcross Sports Center IV. " (Say that five times fast!) Basically, it's a video motocross racing game. You can also play a riveting game of pong on this system. It seems like just another Sears knock-off, but these early sets were made by Atari for Sears back in 1977. It was the dawn of home video gaming-no longer did Mom need to drive Junior to the local Mall to play video games in Spaceport. Junior could now save the quarters and play video games at home! Since kids can be pretty rough on games and toys, few of these systems survived. (I had an early "Tank" game system and pulled the toggle handle right out of the game base!) But while you can still find the original Atari systems at garage sales, this Sears game system is much harder to come by. Check out the seller's excited description:

"I got this system new in 1977 maybe 1978 and have had it for over 35 years and I have only used the controllers maybe a couple of times. I still have the cartons they came in. I just recently took the controllers out of the cartons that are included that house them in the box. There are 20 games in all to play. Only 3 or 4 of them are stunt cycle games. The others are every variation of Pong, Super Pong, Super Pong Ten, Hockey, Tennis and others. This system is so much fun to play!!!
I have no idea what the seller means when he mentioned his vault. Maybe he has a gigantic safe in his house? Either way, this guy was selling hard with his super enthusiastic description. But he didn't need to work too hard because this rare system sold itself. He could have just listed the name of the system and typed "works" under the description. The thing still would have sold for big bucks. How big you ask? The Sears Motocross Sports Center IV game system that he owned for 35 years sold for $909 dollars! Can you believe that? That's just $91 dollars short of a about a pay day!
I've had some pretty nice scores on old game systems, but this one takes the cake! You can bet I'll be hoping to find one of these bad boys at the spring garage sales. Have you ever sold something that was stored away for many years and it netted you big bucks? Give us the low-down below!

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  1. Hi Dude! Wow! 909 bucks! Nice! We had an old German religious book/bible from the 1500's. It sat in our curio cabinet for probably 20 years. One day we brought it to a local "expert" on ephemera and he said that bibles don't generally sell well, that maybe we would get $100 for it. Well, I decided to show him. Sold it on Ebay for $565. I never went back to tell him. I always say, "Nobody can know everything about everything." :) That was my single biggest sale to date.

    1. Hey Miss Clamco...That is awesome! The one good thing about eBay is the "market" determines the value of an item, not a so-called "expert" who could low ball the value. Great score, thanks for sharing the story! ; )

  2. Nothing quite that great!! But I recently unearthed an airbrush makeup system that my grandmother gave me, which I'd stashed in the closet a year or two ago and promptly forgotten about. Sold on ebay for $125 ... and I still have some sealed bottles of the makeup itself that I hope to sell separately for somewhere around $50 total. It's totally going in the vacation fund!

    Love your blog, btw :)

    1. Kristy-Considering you had it stashed away and forgot about it, that's a nice "found" $125 profit! I'd take that any day!

      Thanks for your story and for liking the blog! ...Dude!

  3. That is awesome! The one good thing about eBay is the "market" determines the value of an item, not a so-called "expert" who could low ball the value. Great score, thanks for sharing the story! ; )