Saturday, February 11, 2012

A sweet deal revisited.....

Dude's note: I am re-posting this popular blog piece from 2010. In my next "edition" you'll understand why....enjoy!

Oh no, now my wife has gotten the bug!

For years, she has watched me return home from the garage sales loaded down with good stuff. Occasionally she has accompanied me to the sales. I found having Mrs. Dude along helpful since she knows about products that I am not familiar with. For example, she clued me in on "Pampered Chef" and how women love buying the gadgets at parties. So I tested the Pampered Chef market and quickly learned the gadgets are hot sellers. A Pampered Chef item found at a garage sale is often like finding money laying on the table. If it's new and still in the box, (which for some reason I find fairly often) it's a guaranteed sale!

So having my wife with me as I make the rounds is like an extra set of eyes. My only complaint is while I like to move fast through a sale, she likes to linger. I usually end up standing at the bottom of the driveway, asking if she's ready to go. (Time is money!) Other times we take separate cars to cover more sales. Mrs. Dude is all for this strategy, then she can take her sweet old time without me trying to hurry her along! So last Saturday she hit a garage sale solo and came back with the above "Bombay Company" hall table. Mrs Dude scored a sweet deal, paying only $30. She briefly thought about keeping the table, but it doesn't go with our furniture. So instead, she posted on Craigslist for $60. Amazingly, it sold later that same day for her asking price, doubling her money.

Moral of today's story is this: everyone has a knowledge base that they can use to profit at the yard sales. I know the value of "guy" stuff, my wife knows things like furniture and related stuff. Everybody knows something about something! So take your spouse, a friend or even your kid to the yard sales. With their help, you may find a great deal that you would have missed out on!
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