Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another freebie listing offer.....

Another eBay one day free listing has been announced. I just received this in my mailbox tonight:

List Auction-style FREE
Plus, add Buy It Now FREE
carrot 1-day Seller Special: March 22
carrot More free listings, on top of the 50 you already
get per month

carrot Get your items in front of millions of eBay buyers

I find these freebies are a good opportunity to try to sell some of those stinkers that closed without bids. I'll tweak these auctions, lowering the price, shipping costs or both.

Here's another "Dude" tip that works great during the eBay freebie special. If you find you are pressed for time tomorrow and can't sit down to create listings for new items, then just post all your old stinker auctions. When you have some time over the weekend, completely edit them into a new auction for a new item. Even if a day or two has passed, you'll still created a free five day auction for a new listing! It's worked well for me, hopefully you'll do well too!

What do you think of these eBay freebie specials? Leave a comment below....
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  1. Dude! I did NOT get that message! But last Wednesday I did. Did you get that one? I didn't notice it in My Messages until 4:00PM! It never came as a separate email. Could it be that they are making these offers to only certain groups of sellers at different times to stagger the barrage of free listings? My selling page shows no special offers at this time.

  2. Miss Clamco-Really? I received it around 8 PM last night. You may be right, they may stagger them. I also received the one from last week too. Keep checking, maybe you'll get the e-mail today....Dude!

  3. Okay. I see it in Ebay announcements, but nothing sent directly to me. :( My seller page says I have 10 free listings left (out of my reg 50). I just listed something and it still says 10, so I guess it's in effect for me, but usually there is a little thingie that tells me I have a million free listings left today. It's not there yet. Weird.

  4. Bummer! I didn't get the email or see the announcement in time! Ebay has always sent me emails about this in the past.

    1. Keep on the lookout, they have been doing these about once every two weeks or so....