Friday, April 20, 2012

I Care Bear very much!

I have officially joined the "Care Bear" band wagon! I've had a some experience with these toys in the past, having sold a group of five little bears for $24 a few years back. But reading up on this vintage toy, I learned these guys continue to do well on Ebay. Knowing this, I placed Care Bears in my mental Rolodex hoping to find a few more while out on the hunt.

It didn't take too long before I hit pay dirt. While at Goodwill a few months ago, I spotted an employee rolling out a shopping cart full of merchandise for the shelves. From a distance I could see a clear plastic bag with some big colorful toys inside. I quickly hustled over to the cart and peered in. At first glance, it looked like a mish-mash of toys. Not sure what I was looking at, I held the bulky bag with both hands and eyeballed it like a gold prospector looking into his pan. Inside the bag I could make out a few Care Bears and a big white castle. Boo-Yah! It looked like I had a definite Care Bear score!

I then began searching for the price tag and was even more pumped when I found it.... just $1.99! At that point, the big plastic bag never saw the store shelf: it was coming home with me! Hyper excited over finding the Bears, I concealed my new found treasure from prying eyes by draping a shirt over the plastic bag. Sounds a little goofy, right? But C'mon, was my Mom crazy just because she always thought she left the stove on after leaving the house? (Ummm...well, on second thought.) But seriously, we all have some OCD tics. Concealing my finds happens to be mine! My excuse is I am driven by a crazy combination of paranoia and competitiveness. I don't want any any other shoppers in the store to see and learn from my finds. (Plus, I feel stupid walking around with a kid's toy under my arm.)  But I digress....

Once I arrived back at the MoneyintheGarage laboratories, I opened up the bag and poured all the pieces onto my photo table. Looking over the various turrets and pieces, I began to worry that the castle was incomplete. Missing pieces equals less bidders. I furiously began to locate each turret, matching them to the appropriate tower. After matching up the turrets, towers and other pieces, the castle was all accounted for. (I am not gonna lie, it's kinda fun assembling a toy castle.) My particular Castle also had working lights and music, all of which I later trumpeted in my item description. I was now a "Go" for the auction. I positioned the five Care Bears in front of the castle and snapped some photos. I posted the auction almost as quickly as I snatched the bag from the Goodwill shopping cart!

If you check completed eBay listings for Care Bear Castles, you'll see most are in the "green" with healthy sold prices.  These toys are as close to a "sure thing" on eBay as you're going to get! You'll also notice that like most toys, the more pieces you have with the set, the higher the bids. My auction was right in there with the best of them. My two dollar bulky bag sold for a bulky $51 dollars! I now really care for these bears!

So keep your eye out for anything Care Bears. If you've had  similar scores with these little guys let us know.

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  1. I found a Care Bear cousin that was a pig. Apparently these are really rare. I paid .99 for it and it sold for I think $85

    1. beckyp- Oink! I just looked them up! They're listed as Care Bear's "cousin" in some descriptions. And seeing winning bids up around $60-$80 dollars-nice score. I'll be a looking for those!

      Thanks for filling us in....Dude!

  2. I don't usually buy toys for resale, but I see there is a lot of money to be made there. Wow. The only toys I've sold were my daughter's. We got over 100 bucks for a big lot of Polly Pocket stuff and 55 bucks for 6 lbs of Lego. Trying to get her to part with her toys is the hardest part. Once a month I ask her for the Nintendo 64 but she says no way.

  3. Miss Clamco-I've done well with those Polly Pockets too-both the original tiny ones and the bigger ones. Legos can be tricky, as they can cost a lot to ship. Keep working on your daughter for that Nintendo set. (That's a whole specialty genre in my mind-so many systems and games to keep straight)

    Also-Picked up that floss string stuff today for a dollar, gonna try my luck. Thanks for the tips...Dude!

  4. I never used to care about Care Bears but the past year or so I have! Last fall I found a Care Bears castle, and airplane, lots of miscellaneous pieces for $3.00 at a yard sale. Sold the whole lot for $145.00!!! Then at another sale they had the whole set of Poseable Care Bears...the little 3 inch high figures that each had their own little "toy" or whatever....paid $25 for them, which I was really worrried about, but ended up selling them for $355!!! Well worth it! Then I found a Care Bears baby bumper pad and blanket for $4.38 at Goodwill and sold them for $15.00, which wasn't the best deal but at least they sold! I can't believe your Goodwill sold that lot for $1.99! My Goodwill has really raised their prices lately...not nearly as fun to go there! Glad the yard sales are starting up! Love your blog! ~~Pam

  5. Pam - Wow, you've had some huge scores with Care Bears-nice! I would love to flip a set for $355. Now that the garage sales are picking up, I am definitely gonna keep looking.

    That Goodwill price of $1.99 blew me away too. As you know, Goodwill pricing is hit or miss...all depends on the employee holding that price tag gun back in the warehouse-Ha!

    Thanks for writing in and liking the blog....Dude!