Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bumbo Baby Seat Part II : If I blog it - I find it !

It's the weirdest thing. Seems like every time I blog about a particular "hot" item, I find it at a garage sale shortly thereafter. Last week I blogged about the recalled Bumbo baby seats and guess what I found Saturday morning? Yep... a Bumbo seat in the popular girly pink. Making it even more awesome-it came with the sought after white tray and original instructions.... SCORE ! Now it may be my imagination, but it seems I have a strange prescient ability to find great garage sale finds right after I blog about them. Given this uncanny gift, I may blog about 24k gold bars. Then maybe I'll find one at a garage sale next week! A guy can dream, can't he?

While waiting for those gold bars to show up, I'll keep looking for Bumbos. They're gold when it comes to baby seats! I spotted the chair seen here at a garage sale held by a young husband and wife. I had to laugh to myself at seeing it in their driveway. I don't find a Bumbo every Saturday morning. In fact, I am lucky if I come across three a season! So I thought it was funny that I 'd find one so soon after blogging about them.

Pink Bumbo...with tray...for cheap!
I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised. The Mom had all kinds of  baby stuff, including those big plastic outdoor play toys from Step 2 and Little Tikes. (If I had the storage space, I could make a pretty good living just wheeling and dealing in those huge hunks of plastic!) The Mom had priced the Bumbo and tray at $10. That's way too rich for my yard sale blood, so I offered five bucks. The Mom agreed and I continued to look around her driveway for other good deals. Turning up empty, I paid the husband for the Bumbo. Ironically, he asked me if I knew about the safety recall? I feigned some passing knowledge, while the husband pointed out that Bumbo chairs are made to be used on the ground only. The Dad then began cracking jokes about careless parents who place their kid in Bumbos in dangerous spots like a kitchen table. Piling on this theme, I took my newly purchased Bumbo chair and set it on on the top of an eight foot ladder that was for sale in the driveway. I chuckled, "Yeah, like you wouldn't want to put the chair up here!" We both got a big laugh out of that one. I then left my new buddy with a final thought that while you need a license to own a dog or drive a car, there's no license needed to be parent! Some deep "Dude" thinking, considering I was only on my first cup of coffee!

Once I arrived home with my Bumbo, I took a look at the company's recall website to order the safety belt they're now providing. Since I felt confident I might score additional Bumbo chairs in the Fall, I attempted to place an order for three safety belts. But alas, the website rejected my greedy attempt at this safety belt grab! Apparently, the company only permits two belts per order. What an outrage! What if I were someone in need of more then two belts, like say the Octo-Mom? Seems kind of unfair if you ask me. But I guess that's Octo-Mom's battle to fight. I am not looking to make any waves, particularly since I actually own only one seat at this time. So I settled for my two safety belts and will now await the mailman's delivery.  I should receive them in a few weeks. Here's the e-mail reply I received from Bumbo just minutes after placing my order:

"Your submission for the Bumbo Baby Seat Repair Kit voluntary recall has been received. You should expect to receive your kit in two to three weeks.

Your reference number is  ***-*********
If you need to contact us regarding your request please use the reference number shown above.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us by email at -- Within 24-48 hours you can check the status of your request here."
Thanks to this little pre-planning, I'll be ready in advance should I find another Bumbo seat in the future. Judging from several reader's comments in my last post, eBay may now be requiring the belts when selling the seats on their site. Some reader's also use Facebook or Craigslist to sell their Bumbos. This may be a quick, hassle free way to flip the chairs-no pun intended! Either way you go, you should fully expect to sell a seat like the one above for $30 dollars or more. When I sell mine, I'll be sure to tell the buyer about the safety belt and caution them not to place the chair and child in risky places. You just never know with some people!

Let us know how you're doing with your Bumbo or any other recalled items.  

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  1. I LOVE finding Bumbo Seats. Of course now that I am going to be a grandma, I haven't found a single one. LOL I did find a brand new tray in the box. Congrats on your find! I would have snatched it up in a second for $5. Agreed 10 was to steep for resell.

  2. MsJokers Toybox-

    It's fun when you do find them, isn't it? Nothing beats finding a "sure thing" eBay item! Hope you find some too, thanks for writing in.....Dude!

  3. I have yet to find one at a garage sale. At gw they run about $10 and on my facebook garage sale site they want $20

    1. beckyp - They're not easy to find. Those local suburban housing developments with young families are your prime picking area for Bumbos. I was at a neighborhood yard sale this morning. One house had lots of kid stuff and I was hoping to pick up another but it didn't happen.

      Occasionally you may be able to pick one up for cheap on Craigslist, but you have to snag it as soon as the posting hits!


  4. I love a good Bunbo sighting. Im glad you called about the seatbelt. Even if it is not required its free and it will make your seat more enticing to buyers. Love your blog Dude!!

    1. Thanks Thrifty Momma. Even though the seats have been perfectly safe for the vast majority of parents, it can't hurt to provide the safety belt to make folks feel better....Dude!