Sunday, November 4, 2012

A hurricane can't stop this Imaginarium train

I've been a little busy thanks to Hurricane Sandy. The hurricane's eye passed precariously close to the Moneyinthegarage studios. What a day it was! I can now scratch "standing outside in the middle of a raging hurricane" off my bucket list. Me and my loyal dog went for a walk in the middle of the storm. The power and fury were awesome! Fortunately, we only lost phone, cable and Internet at our house. (Which drove the kids nuts.) More importantly, the lights stayed on.

Like many other folks around here, I've been out helping Hurricane victims who really got walloped. These poor people are in bad shape. If you haven't done it yet, you should throw a few dollars at the American Red Cross. It's easy to do using your PayPal account.

Now that I am dry and warm inside the house, I'd like to share a great e-mail from a reader. Pam e-mailed me to say she'd bought an Imaginarium train table for $30 and was looking to flip it. Prior to posting it for sale, Pam asked what I thought she could get for the table? She sent me a photo and it looked even nicer then the table I flipped a few months ago. Being the eternal optimist, I told Pam she should ask $125 for the table. A few weeks later Pam sold her table. While she didn't sell it for my estimate of $125, she still made a nice piece of change. Check out Pam's flip....

I tried to comment on your train table but it kept saying I was typing in the wrong words to verify that I wasn’t a robot! Anyway, here is what I tried to comment:

Just thought I'd let you know I sold the table today for $100! I didn't get any calls at all the first week so I lowered the price to $100. I got a couple of callers that wanted me to take less than that. Yesterday I got a text from someone wanting to look at it this morning and they came and handed over $100, no questions asked! I know it's less than you thought I should get but the table is on sale at ToysRUs for $129 so I think I got a pretty good deal. I made $70! Thanks for the ideas you put on your blog! It helps me to know what to look for!

Imaginarium table

I've been in Pam's situation. Sometimes it's just better to take the money now, rather then store the table for weeks on end. As Rocker Tom Petty says, "The waiting is the hardest part." (The ToyRUs sale sure didn't help either!) But as we approach Christmas, selling a train table for one hundred plus dollars is just a matter of the right buyer showing up. Either way, I'd take a $70 profit any old time.

If you have any sweet scores, I'd love it if you'd pass along your story to me. We'll get them up on the site for all to benefit from. See you all soon......Dude!

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  1. I am about to flip an Imaginarium table tomorrow, coincidentally. I bought it at a yard sale for $40 and the buyer is paying $110 when she picks it up. I originally asked $125 and got lots of interest right away but people kept asking to lower the price (and several quoted the $129 price at Toys R Us!).

  2. Diana- Toy R Us strikes again! They are the ruination of us garage sale flippers-Ha!

    Still, $110 is an excellent price to get on that table. Congrats and thanks for sharing your success story...Dude!

  3. I just bought this at kid to kid today for $50. Makes me mad that she got it for $30. I thought I was getting a killer deal. not so much.

  4. Deborah-Still, $50 is pretty good considering it retails for over $100. Keep in mind also, whenever you decide to re-sell it, as long as the table is in decent condition you should be able to double your money on it!

    Thanks for writing in............Dude!

  5. I am picking one up for $20 today