Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving: Would you rather eat turkey or surf eBay?

This is a "Money in the Garage" public service announcement to all sellers! Today, we are one week out from Thanksgiving. I bring this to your attention because you may want to avoid posting any seven day auctions today. An auction posted today would end on Thanksgiving day. I suspect there will not be too many buyers trolling eBay that day. Most will be too busy eating turkey! Better to time your auctions to end over "Black Friday" weekend when buyers are thinking holiday shopping! Of course, you could also make the argument that everyone will be out at the stores, lowering the amount of buyers on eBay. But you have to start posting Christmas listings sometime, so for me it's "Game on" starting this weekend.

Instead of posting tonight, I plan to continue to take photos of my Christmas inventory. You'd probably agree that taking photos can be a lot of work! It gets exhausting laying stuff out, folding it back up, ect, ect.  I also use a small step ladder to get up higher when photographing clothing. I do this to avoid the angled view you see with many eBay pictures when taken from average eye level. But while the step ladder makes for a better photo, the up-down, up-down can get a little old!

Despite the workout, the photo shoot has to get done! I've been building up a nice little holiday inventory this year. Some of the stuff I've accumulated includes; Dept 56 Village pieces, toys, vintage Christmas trees, decorations, blow molds and new clothing with tags attached. Over the last week I've felt some self-imposed pressure to start a few of holiday auctions early. Every year I stress out, worrying I won't get everything listed in the crush of the next five weeks. Because of this, I've actually cheated a bit this year and listed a couple holiday items early. One these items includes the classic airplane pedal car seen in the picture. I posted it on Craigslist. This toy plane is a thing of beauty and should bring in a hundred dollars or more. Once I sell it, I'll share the story for all to enjoy.

Hopefully, the next five weeks will be busy and profitable for you! But before we completely plunge into the holiday season, there's one more thing I want to say.....have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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