Friday, December 28, 2012

Breakfast cereal can be a cheap investment strategy

Ever think about selling discontinued food products on eBay? The subject has been in the news lately with the demise of the famous Twinkies cupcake. After the company that makes Twinkies shut down, the little cakes started appearing on eBay and selling for crazy money.

There's other defunct food products selling on eBay too. If you want to talk about an awesome return on investment, search "vintage cereal box" on eBay. Vintage cereal boxes can sell for hundreds of dollars or more on the auction site. Check out this box of Fruit Loops from the 1970's! How crazy is that? You may notice that cereal boxes with colorful characters and pop culture references like a TV show, or celebrity give-away, seem to attract the most bids.

Crazy at it may sound, if you want to invest for the future, saving old cereal boxes could be a smart strategy. Just imagine for a moment if you'd saved all your Fruit Loop boxes from when you were a kid. Given that one just sold for almost a thousand dollars, a whole bunch of these could accrue into huge money! Who couldn't use a $1000 per/box in their later years? It could be enough money to buy a car or help pay for your kid's college! And what does it take to get started? Next to nothing-you're probably buying cereal anyway! Storage is easy too-flatten them out and they can be stashed almost anywhere! 
Dollar for dollar...a great investment!

In addition to cereal, there's other defunct food products that bring in decent money. You probably had all the these products in your refrigerator at one point or another. For example, do you remember "New" Coke?  It was a big deal when it came out back in 1985. I can remember trying it-to me it tasted just like Pepsi. But instead of drinking it, I guess I should have saved a few bottles as an investment! Here's the skinny on that failed soda, as well as other defunct food products:
  • New Coke - An unopened can recently sold for $40 on eBay. If you paid fifty cents for that soda can back in the 1980's, the $40 you made turned out to be a pretty good return on investment.
  • Post’s Waffle Crisp - Another discontinued cereal that currently averages $15 a box on eBay. 
  • Billy Beer - While lot's of people saved these ugly looking cans, a whole case recently sold on eBay for $22 bucks.  
  • Orbitz soda - This was a late '90s era soda that was discontinued. A case of five Orbitz bottles just sold for fifty dollars on eBay. 
  • Hi-C Ecto Cooler - A mid-ninties era juice drink, apparently associated with either X-men or the movie Ghostbuster. A used carton box just sold for $47 bucks. 
  • Surge: Coca-Cola's failed answer to Mountain Dew - A full can of this soda recently sold for $56 dollars on eBay. 
Not bad, right? If these examples don't make you start digging into the back of your kitchen pantry, I don't know what will! I am definitely going to stockpile cereal boxes. Once I fill up a big Tupperware container, I'll seal it up and mark "nest egg" on the outside! 

Have you ever sold a discontinued food product? If so, let us know in the comment section how you did.....

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  1. My inner voice just whispered to me,'This is how hoarders get started.'LOL

    1. Ha! There's a fine line between hoarders and collectors.

  2. In April I sold 3 unopened bottle of orbitz soda for $75 I blogged about it here

    1. I remember that-outstanding score! Still looking for my own Orbitz find some day!

  3. They sold some Billy Beer on "Auction Kings". I think a 6-pack went for around $100.

    I have been picking up some seasonal varieties of candies to sell. So far I have done well on candy corn M&Ms and pumpkin Hershey's Kisses. I passed on the Twinkies craze. Seemed like everyone and their brother would stockpile them.

    1. Amanda-The special edition candies has me intrigued. The M&Ms and Hersey Kisses seem to average about $7 per bag on eBay. I am guessing your picking them up for cheap at stores when you find them?

      I agree with the Twinkie sales. Everyone jumped on the band wagon.

      Thanks for sharing your scores....Dude!

    2. Dude- I scope out the after-holiday clearance. For instance, after Christmas I got some Terry's chocolate oranges for $1.99 each. I just sold a set of 4 at auction for $24.99. Tripled my investment.

      I can't remember which blog I read this at, but the poster said, "What's the worst that can happen? You have to eat it?" That's sort of my mantra.

  4. Okay, you've shared a lot of great finds and tips and I've followed along the past year or so and you've turned me into a Coleman Lantern fan, an item I've would have passed on at Garage/Estate sales. So, I wanted to give you a little gift this year as a "Thank you". Vintage Pencils = the kind you find at garage sales for a dime and keep walking by. Here is one of my listings

    Never pass up EMPIRE Pencils! They are highly sought after by those who desire Lead real wood Pencils. Even used ones sell through. Merry Christmas!

    1. Hey kdelrosario - Empire Pencils?! Who da thought it? You're right, I would have walked right by them-no more though! I appreciate you sharing with the group-Ha!

      Glad too that you're a fan of the Coleman lamps. I have a few to sell from Fall garage sales, but will hold off to list them in the Spring when more people are thinking about camping.

      Thanks again for the nice comments and the tip on the Pencils. Good stuff! Have a Happy New Year....Dude!

  5. wow on the pencils!! and uh the lantern too and well the vintage food items--great all around read!