Monday, December 10, 2012

Cheap NFL Jerseys

The Christmas buying season continues at a fevered pace! Like the previously mentioned Ugg boots, another popular gift item I've been doing well with is NFL football jerseys. Even though the football season is winding down, there's plenty of folks looking to buy a jersey for someone in their family. It's no wonder some people prefer to buy a jersey on eBay then at the local mall. Did you know that a top quality NFL jersey can easily retail for well north of $100 bucks? It's crazy! With a little hard work and diligence, you can capitalize on this demand by finding many of these same NFL jerseys at your local thrift stores.

When buying football jerseys at the thrift store there's a few things you should look out for. Many times you'll consistently see a specific player's jersey in the racks and wonder why there are so many? When you noticed that happening, its almost always due to the fact that the player has been traded. A traded player's jersey instantly loses value once he's off the team. Who wants a  jersey for a guy who no longer plays for the home team? An example of this phenomenon is former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb. When McNabb was the star quarterback for the Eagles, his jersey was worth its weight in gold! Once he was traded however, his jersey might just as well been used for a dust rag. Nobody wanted it anymore! The value and demand can drop that quickly!  If you find a jersey and you're not sure the player is still with the team, look him up on Wikipedia. There you'll find the player's complete NFL history. If you discover the guy has been traded, it's probably best to put the jersey back on the rack. However, if you find the player retired from football while still playing for that team, there's a decent chance his jersey will still attract bids. At that point you can always look up the jersey on eBay to determine if it's worth buying 

Cheap jersey sells for not-so cheap!
Keep in mind also that stitched lettering and numbers always trumps screened lettering. A stitched jersey is a sign of top quality. It's also what the NFL players actually wear on the field. When it comes to the gold standard in stitched jerseys, you can't do better then Mitchell & Ness. I occasionally find these jerseys in the Goodwill racks. The company produces a lot of "throwback" jerseys. If you're not familiar with the term, that's an old-school style jersey worn by a popular, but long-retired player. Examples of this would be the great Willie Joe Namath or Joe Montana. You can identify these jerseys by locating the fabric tag at the bottom indicating the year that player wore the jersey. If you find a throwback jersey consider yourself lucky-you just made money! I've sold a few of these great old jerseys on eBay for $50 to over $100 dollars! The jersey shown here is a prime example. It's a Mitchell & Ness jersey for the great Carl Banks who played for the New York Giants back in the day. I bought it at Goodwill for only $7 bucks. I turned around and flipped it on eBay for a "Gigantic" $125 dollars! That's what I call an eBay touchdown!

So although the NFL season is winding down, Christmas shoppers are still looking for cheap football jerseys. If you find a few at your local thrift store, post them on eBay as soon as you can.  You'll turn cheap NFL jerseys into big cash money!

How about you? Have you flipped any NFL jerseys bought for cheap? Leave your comment below....


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  1. Hi Dude,
    Just recently found your blog & I am loving it! My hubby & I have had pretty good luck flipping jerseys bought at thrift stores. Our favorite sale was actually a Chunichi Dragons Japanese Baseball league authentic jersey that we found at Salvation Army on half-off day that we then sold on Ebay for $165! Not bad for a $3.50 purchase.

    1. Gail-A Japanese baseball jersey?! That's what I call a unique find!! $165 is definitely a homerun-Ha!

      I've had some very good luck with Japanese buyers. About a year ago I blogged about selling a camping light to a Japanese buyer for over $200. There are some serious collectors over there!

      I am glad you found my blog and are enjoying it. Thanks & keep coming back for more....Dude!

  2. Dude! Nice blog…

    Regarding your comment that “A traded player's jersey instantly loses value once he's off the team.”

    While that’s generally the case, the value also depends upon the player, team, & perhaps the “situation”. For example, a Tim Tebow jersey was one of the hottest sellers earlier in the year but after being demoted to 3rd-string amidst trade rumors, you can now get a Tebow Nike game jersey for just 30 bucks and a Mark Sanchez jersey for 60 (these normally retail for $100). These are two players that are still on the team, yet the values have plummeted. Peyton Manning’s old Colts jersey on the other hand still commands top dollar even though he’s now a Bronco.

    You’re right about the Mitchell & Ness jerseys of retired stars – they’re still gold on eBay and Amazon. There’s currently an M & N Carl Banks jersey on selling for $135 and a Jerry Rice for $230. More on NFL jerseys here.

    But I digress… this is a blog about garage sales, not the NFL.

    I have got to get myself to a Goodwill store.

    1. Jim-Yeah, I am always amazed at what pops up in the racks at the Goodwill Store.

      Sounds like you're in the jersey business and know how tricky it can be. I can't tell you how many times my heart has skipped a beat on finding a beautiful, top-quality stitched jersey, only to realize the player has moved on. Good example of this would be a Packers Brett Favre, Nuggets Carmelo Anthony or Cleveland's Lebron James. All jerseys that use to net big money on eBay, but now are almost valueless. Although I am sure over time those same jerseys will eventually go back up in value as "throwbacks" after fans get over the hard feelings of their players leaving town.

      Interesting how prices jump up and down with the Tebow and Sanchez jerseys, it's like commodities, right? And I am going to keep an open mind the next time I find a Colt's Manning jersey.

      Thanks for writing in and sharing your knowledge on the subject......Dude!

    2. Dude,

      I buy and sell toys. Not just vintage but even stuff that came out as recent as last years. In fact, I'm skimming your blog now for the first time to see if you've posted anything about toys.

      Anyway, I do love baseball and football, but when I hit garage sales or flea markets, I often turn my nose up at all the clothes. This is a really good reminder that a quick look through them could certainly be in my best interest. I've even sold an old jersey that my wife had from the first Olympic Dream Team. It's not something I should have so quickly forgotten. Thanks for the reminder.


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    1. Kathy-Checked out your blog and it made me hungry! Mmmm-good! So I am following now. I appreciate you writing in and following mine,thanks...Dude!