Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cheap Nike & Adidas running shoes

At the garage sales there are certain items I'll buy up without any hesitation. As long as the price is right, it's the type of stuff I can easily re-sell it for way more money then I paid. If you follow my blog recently, you know I have an ever expanding list. Among my "sure thing" items are; American Girl Dolls, Pottery Barn, Carhartt coats and jackets, Under Armour Golf shirts and Harry Potter Legos  just to name a few. Today I want to pass along another "must-buy" item: new sneakers still in the box.

In previous blogs, I've talked up the value of certain vintage sneakers, but today I am singing the praises of brand new sneakers! They can be running shoes, basketball shoes, or whatever, just as long as they are a major name brand and new in the original box! If you rack your brain for a minute, you probably remember seeing a pair of new sneakers in the box at a yard sale. I don't know what it is, but when folks clean out their house in preparation for a yard sale, many come across at least one pair of new sneakers to sell. It could be running shoes they bought but didn't fit right. Or maybe they were a Christmas or birthday gift and they couldn't stand the color. There's even the classic New Year's resolution purchase. This is the person who buys running shoes with the best intentions to start "working out" in the new year. Unfortunately they never quite get around to it. Whatever the reason, I love it when I see brand new shoeboxes at a yard sale!

However, it's not always easy finding those shoeboxes. Searching for them at a yard sale is something like looking for water in the desert. Just when you think you've found a pair, it turns out to be a mirage! The problem is folks also use shoe boxes to store their junk collections. More then once, I've excitedly pulled the lid off a shoe box only to find worthless stuff like old curlers or clothespins inside. It can be a major bummer!

Adidas running shoes for cheap!
But despite the false alarms, the search will ultimately pay off when you finally find a new pair of sneakers! Take this awesome Adidas running shoes for example. I found these last Fall at a busy family garage sale. When I opened the Adidas box, I knew I had a pretty good score on my hands. With tags till attached to the shoes, it was clear the shoes had never been worn. They looked like they were fresh from Dick's Sporting Goods! The shoes were priced at ten dollars. This was a little rich for my blood, so I went to speak to the Mom about a possible price reduction. Mom was busy bouncing between her kid's, neighbors and other customers. I finally got her attention, asking if she would take five dollars for the shoes? Mom thought about it for a moment, but then decided to Pow-Wow with her husband on the price. Telling him that I was offering five bucks, Dad got visibly annoyed and mumbled in exasperation, "Five bucks? They're brand new!" I could see this guy was going to be trouble.

He was right of course-they were brand new. But this was a garage sale in his driveway-not the Footlocker store down at the local mall! Dad's reaction told me he could be a major impediment in landing the deal. When dealing with these awkward moments, I've found the best way to diffuse the situation is to respond with the following statement, "Well....I just don't know if they will like them." This should be said with a sense of bewildered indecision-as if you're not even sure if you want to buy them, much less pay full blown asking price! (For maximum effect, it helps to be scratching the top of your head when saying this.) Throwing out this innocent remark can help the seller understand your predicament. Why would anyone overpay for sneakers if "they" might not like them? Now of course, "they" might mean you're referring to your son or daughter...or you might not. In my case, when I say "they" I am usually referring to my eBay buyers! The point you're trying to make is that you're taking a risk in buying the sneakers. This little power of suggestion can help nudge the seller towards your way of thinking. It worked on the annoyed Dad. After I made that remark, he grudgingly agreed to sell the Adidas running shoes for my offer of five bucks!

The psychological warfare now behind me, I arrived home and looked up this particular style of Adidas shoes on eBay. I learned that similar Adidas shoes were selling for as much as $80 dollars! Hopefully I was going make just as much. I didn't list right away though. I deciding to wait until the holidays to sell my Adidas shoes. A brand new pair of running shoes makes a great gift and always attracts more bids during the holiday season. Once the holidays rolled around, I posted the shoes at auction. My five dollar Adidas shoes ended up selling for $65 dollars!

Just another "sure-thing" as far as I am concerned. Make sure you add new sneakers (still in the box) to your growing list of yard sale "must-buys"!

Have you sold any new sneakers or shoes? Tell us about it in the comment section below......    

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  1. not new. however my husband toy around with Storage Wars type auctions.and we got TONS of Nike sneakers (many fairly worn) but we can usually still get 25-50 bucks off them (my husband took a gamble on a locker and paid 40 we got 300 off nike used sneakers and another 100 off ugg boots lol). so i will buy them used at any yard sale (priced right no more than 3 bucks and not super gross) and speaking of American Girl dolls theres one tomorrow with a Kit doll....heres to hoping :D (the only other one i bought i shelled out 65 dollars for somehow i see her as a gift for my daughter instead of a money maker)

    1. I'd call that a major score-nice! That kind of instant inventory can keep you in the dough for months as you sell them off.

      Hope you scored that Kit doll too. That's a stone-cold eBay sale for sure!

      Thanks for sharing your Nike scores-hope you find even more...Dude!

    2. i did get Kit....however she came at a 50.00 price tag (i talked her down from 75.00 she was one of those (it sells for $ on ebay listed on all big ticket items...grrr) its actually the cheapest AG doll i have gotten yet and she had extras so im hoping to squeeze 30 or 40 out of the deal. NWT converses were 25 and i couldnt talk him down way too rich for my blood. lol. but i do have a question for you. i read a post that you do a lot of vera bradley and turn a pretty penny. :D i have gotten a few but seem to sell them at auction for not more than 15.00 (i sold a 3 piece set for 11.50! argh!) do you do buy it now listings or
      favor...any suggestions?

    3. Congrats on picking up the Kit AGD! If you wanted to maximize your return, I would sell everything separate, right down to the outfit she has on. You then sell Kit in her B-day suit, collectors are fine with that.

      As far as VB goes, I usually research them first and make a judgement call on each one. If I think it's a popular style I put it up for auction, if not I make it BIN. As a matter of fact, just picked up three VB this morning for a total of five bucks, so I should do pretty good with them (hoping anyway).

      Good luck and let me know how you do....Dude!

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