Friday, July 5, 2013

Beach Vacation Deal

Money in the Garage will be on a brief hiatus this week as the family and I head down the beach for summer vacation. In anticipation of my week away, I've been feverishly posting last minute eBay auctions. I like to have auctions running while I am away. At the conclusion of every beach day, I always check in on eBay to see how my stuff is doing. This is usually conducted while sitting in a damp bathing suit with with adult beverage in hand. In addition to posting last minute auctions, I also have to prepare outgoing items to ship. This includes bringing packages with me on vacation. If a buyer pays me while on vacation, I walk their pre-packaged item down to the local post office. So even though I am on vacation, I am still working!

I hope you take some time off this summer too. Use a few of those hard earned eBay dollars to enjoy yourself-you've earned it! In the mean time, I'll leave you with a beach theme post from last year. So until next week, enjoy summertime.....Dude!

A day at the beach...with a cart

Beach carts for sale!
It's pretty much summertime around these parts. In my local area that means time to head to the beach! From now until Labor Day, people will flock to the beach for summer weekends and vacations. This creates a fun little niche market for me during the summer months...used beach carts. If you live near a vacation destination like the beach, lake or mountains you may be able to become a used beach cart salesman like me!

For those not in the know, a beach cart is built similar to a light-weight baby stroller. In place of an infant seat however, is a large mesh net  suspended on the frame. These carts can hold all kinds of beachy stuff-chairs, towels, toys and anything else needed for the beach vacationer. The lightweight cart is a necessity for young parents when hauling their kid's massive amounts of required beach gear. Because they're easily maneuverable over the sand, older folks also like them  for transporting their chairs, summer reading and umbrellas. The not-so surprising fact about a beach cart is they can be very expensive when bought new. The price of a new beach cart in a typical summer resort town can be $80 or more! But here's the great unknown fact (until now) about beach carts...people sell them at garage sales for next to nothing! 

I've already bought and sold three beach carts this season. My total cash outlay for all three carts came to $12 bucks. The reason I get them so cheap is because they're largely ignored by garage sale buyers. The cart seen in this photo was snagged at a garage sale at 11:00 am. The homeowner was ready to close for the day when I came walking up his driveway and spotted the cart. The poor cart looked lonely, all folded up and laying flat in the driveway! Since the thing had been sitting all morning, I knew the owner was primed to let it go cheap. He wanted five dollars for it, but I offered him three and he was happy to take it! I tossed the cart in the back of my truck knowing with Summer vacations right around the corner, I would easily flip the cart for mucho money!

So how much do I get for these carts? How does two twenty dollar bills sound? Yep, using Craigslist I've been averaging $40 per cart. Not bad for a three to five dollar investment! The last one I sold went to a nice gentleman in his late Sixties. I met him at a local McDonald's to make the deal. He told me he and his wife go to the beach every summer. He desperately needed the cart because his arm got sore carrying all their beach stuff down to the Ocean. This fella happily forked over $40 dollars to me to save his poor arm!

Do you buy and sell a niche item that most people would overlook? Maybe something unique to summer vacations or the area where you live? Tell us about it!  

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  1. Wow, great post! I don't live in a beach town, but you never know what you'll find at a garage sale. I'll have to keep my eye open for these. Have a great vacation!!!

    1. The carts are a winner for sure. Thanks for the vacation wishes...Dude!

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