Friday, August 30, 2013

Instep with baby jogging strollers

Jogging strollers are a beautiful thing. I've blogged about these unique strollers in the past and they continue to be a dependable money maker for me! People who sell them at garage sales have a complete disconnect when it comes to understanding their value and popularity. Many practically give them away at their garage sales! Maybe it's because they incorrectly assume only "joggers" will buy them? I am also surprised more garage sale pickers don't scoop them up for resale. While I often have to outhustle my fellow pickers to snag popular stuff like vintage trains, old radios or toys, I have almost no competition when it comes to buying strollers. Maybe it's because strollers have become part of the scenery at most garage sales and buyers overlook them? Whatever it is...I ain't complaining! I've always made great money on every jogging stroller I've flipped. This past Saturday was no exception.

The stroller I found this time was the "Expedition" model by Baby Trend. I came across it at a very busy, multi-house garage sale. Arriving at the sale at the late hour of 9:30 AM, the stroller was sitting out in the driveway for anyone to see! I made note of the stroller to myself, then looked around some more. Passing on the various toys and household items tossed around on blankets, I doubled back for a second look at the stroller. Leaning down to take a look, I immediately noticed the stroller was in near-new condition. Given it's pristine shape, I figured it was a well meaning gift to a mom or dad who didn't like to go jogging. This was further evidenced by some cobwebs scattered in the spokes of the wheels.

The seller was a young dad who was hustling around his driveway. He seemed to be somewhat distracted, moving junk from here to there with no apparent plan. As he consolidated some toys. I asked what he wanted for the stroller? Still distracted with other things, he managed to focus long enough to quote me a price $20 dollars. Right then and there, I could have easily peeled off a twenty dollar bill and scored a great deal. But what fun would that have been? Squeezing the tires, I pointed out to Young Dad that all three were flat. This got his attention. Walking over, he explained that the tires were flat because the stroller had been stored unused in his garage for a long time. Grabbing a bicycle pump from his garage, he offered to pump up the tires. While he pumped away, I ran across the street to check out a neighbor's yard sale. By the time I returned, Young Dad had all three tires inflated. Conducting my squeeze test, I agreed that the tires now seemed nice and firm. Inflated or not, I still had to toss out a lower offer. After a few more tire squeezes, I asked Young Dad if he'd take $15 dollars for the stroller? Although I thought my low ball offer might irritate him,Young Dad actually agreed to the price without batting an eye. He even folded the stroller up for me, making it a lot easier to stow in my truck.

While I love to sell jogging strollers, they can be a real pain to store. Because of this, I am always looking to flip my strollers fast! I pulled my latest score out of the truck and lugged it directly to the back yard for it's photo shoot. Starting with it folded up, I covered all the angles from high to low. Since it was practically brand new, the stroller looked awesome from any angle! After taking lots of shots, I rolled the stroller to the side of the house to await it's new owner. Thirty minutes latest acquisition was up for sale on Craigslist. Check it out.....

Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller... Like New - $75 

Gorgeous Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller packed full of handy features. This stroller is like-new. Saw almost zero use by previous owner and it shows! The upholstery is in nice, clean condition, no spots, stains, rips or tears.

# Lightweight steel frame - Lightweight for storage and easy to push
# 5-point safety harness - Extra security and comfort for baby
# Retractable canopy for extra sun protection. Features clear plastic peek-a-boo window to check on baby
# 16" Quick release wheels - For a smooth ride and compact storage
# Bicycle style hand brake - Easy and smooth braking
# Recline seat - Additional comfort for baby
#Jogger tether/safety strap to attach to your wrist.
#Fixed front wheel.
# High top canopy - Increases internal head room.
# Under-seat storage basket - Additional storage space.
# Parent console/dashboard...great for beverages and other items.

Hurry before it's gone!

It might look like I put a lot of work and time in creating this listing. But in reality, it took all of five minutes to whip up! Having been in the jogging stroller re-sale business for some time, I have plenty of deleted CL listings to draw from. Once I access my CL account, I just edit a previous listing. Normally this consists of  changing the name of the stroller model and swapping out new pictures. I also make a point to state whether the stroller has a fixed or pivot front wheel. I've found that some nit-picky buyers prefer a pivoting front wheel over the fixed wheel. A pivot wheel is a little easier to jog with, but with an easy tip of the handlebar, a fixed wheel strollers turn just as easy. But no matter what wheel was on the front, I knew this stroller was going to sell fast!

Fast came the very next day. A young police officer e-mailed me to say he'd like to buy the stroller. I called him to back to give him my address. After our nice chat, I concluded he was a rookie who hadn't learned the art of negotiation yet. During our conversation, he volunteered he'd bring the exact dollar amount so that I wouldn't have to make any change. This told me he intended to pay full asking price for the stroller. Later that day, the young fella showed up on my doorstep. He gave me a few business like "Yes Sirs", then forked over $75 big ones for the stroller!

Before the weekend had ended, I flipped another jogging stroller. The $60 dollar profit I made proved once again that jogging strollers are an easy, big bucks sale!

Have you tried your luck with baby strollers? If so, tell us how you did in the comment section below....

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  1. Hey Dude!
    I don't know if I have such luck with the jogging least not yet! I bought a single and a double Instep Stroller at a sale a couple of months ago that are in pretty good shape. They wanted $20 each but my hubby got them to take $10 each as it was late in the morning! Anyway, I finally got them ready to sell and took pictures last week. I put them on Craigslist for just $40 and $50. It took about 5 days to even hear a response! So today I was suppose to meet someone to sell the double stroller to her for $35 and then she didn't show! Mine don't look quite as new as yours but I figured I could make a little on them! Guess I'll just have to be patient! Thanks for your story! ~~Pam

    1. Pam-Hang in there! I sold a double for $100 bucks a few years back. Hopefully you'll get them sold soon. They only drawback I see right now is that we are approaching Fall. Depending if you live up in the northern half of the country, people starting thinking winter time and not jogging. That actually crossed my mind when I was looking over this stroller and made me hesitate...just for a second though...Ha!

      You may also want to consider selling them on Facebook. From reading her blog, it seems like Beckyp does great selling that way....Good luck....Dude!

    2. I tried on Facebook too! Oh well...I'll keep trying! Thanks! ~~Pam

  2. seriously where do you live? LOL. i live next to a big city and I can't get people to pay anything! however, in my parents big enough towns and cities but no major city nearby i can get multiple responses for anything in a i think it largely depends on where you live too. (and i plan my CL sales around visiting my parents)

    1. Ha! I near big city too (Philly) and am nestled in between suburbia and the edge of farmland and state forests. I guess regional differences explains people's buying habits?

      I am just glad CL was invented. If we didn't have CL, we'd be left with old-school selling- expensive classified ads and 3 by 5 cards on the community bulletin board down at the supermarket. Ouch! I get chills just thinking about it...Dude!

    2. Huh? Really? That's *exactly* where I live! Maybe you just have better cl skills :)

  3. thanks for the shout out in your comment. I bought a jogging stroller last summer off fb for $20 I used it with my son up until this summer and resold it for $40. (this was right before Jeep recalled their jogging strollers... the one I had just sold)

    1. You're welcome. Great story on your son's stroller. The best flip is one where you use the item for a time, then make money off it-you can't beat that....Dude!

  4. Great flip! My main focus is ebay, and I usually paas by the larger items that are more expensive to ship. I hadn't given Craigslist much thought, but you have given me something to think about :)

    1. Ebay is good, but what I love about CL is every dollar you make goes to you. Between eBay and PayPal the fees are out of control!

      Give it a try-you'll love it. Thanks for writing in....Dude!


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    1. Thanks Micheal, I am glad you liked it. Come back for more...Dude!

  7. i love reading this article so beautiful!!great job!