Saturday, November 30, 2013

LL Bean Coupons for the LL Bean Outlet Store

Why can't every day be like Christmas? Especially when it comes to eBay at the MoneyintheGarage factory outlet stores, stuff has been flying out the door! Green "bid" prices are lighting up many of my auction items. Sales are going so well in fact, that I intended to take a photo showing a particular lucky streak of listed items. Nearly everything was in the green with nice, high bids. But before I had the chance to snap a screen shot, all the stuff sold! As fellow eBayers know, before you can count your money there's still some work to do. Like one of Santa's elves, I've been wrapping packages and making multiple trips to the post office!

Like having an LL Bean coupon
As mentioned in previous blogs, inventory that sat around with no bids have suddenly found buyers. Case in point-I just sold this beautiful LL Bean sweater with tags attached. Believe it or not, even though the sweater was new, I couldn't get it sold during several auctions last winter. Considering it was brand new, it was baffling to me. Maybe I should have offered an LL Bean coupon? After giving up on the sweater and placing it in storage, I finally re-listed it last week. The result? It finally sold for $16 bucks. The buyer could not have scored a better deal if he went to the outlet store and used an LL Bean coupon! Although it wasn't much of a profit for me, at least it was out of my inventory. Normally, I wouldn't even have bought the sweater, but with the tags still attached, I figured I couldn't go wrong. So much for that theory! In the future, I'll stick to the tried and true, LL Bean hurricane shirts. Those things sell like hotcakes in the winter!

Sweaters notwithstanding, most of of my other items are doing excellent. So well in fact, that I've nearly burned through all my Christmas stockpile already! One item that just sold this morning was the vintage Santa blow mold seen below. This guy cost me one dollar at a yard sale last Summer. He stood 34 inches high. This made Santa just
Santa gave me $19 dollars!
tall enough to cause me some concern over shipping costs. His size could have easily pushed him into what I call the postal service, "large package/gotcha!" rates. Invariably, when I sell a larger, heavier package, it's always to some buyer waaaay out on the West coast. This almost always guarantees a high shipping rate that can wipe out any decent profits. In the case of my Santa, I didn't want my profits to be eaten by the good old post office, so I decided to list him for a twenty dollar bill on Craigslist instead. The buyer picked him up this morning. I guess I made the guy's day. He told me already had one identical Santa at home, but needed a matching Santa to pair up at the entrance to his driveway. He was so excited over finding an identical Santa that he let out an, "All right!" walking back to his car. What can I say? I am here to spread the holiday joy!

So I made a few buyers happy this season. I also made a nice little profit by using Craigslist over eBay. Identical Santa blow molds have recently sold on Ebay for a only ten to twenty bucks. Factor in the high cost of shipping plus the fees and commissions both Ebay and Pay Pal steal, whoops...I mean charge, it's usually wiser to sell larger items on Craigslist. The $19 dollars I made on jolly old Santa all went straight to me...eBay and Pay Pal didn't get a dime! Score one for the Dude!

How's your Christmas sales going? Have you made any nice flips so far? Share the story with your fellow elves!

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  1. Holy goodness! I put my store on a 10% sale just to ensure sales....and I am about to take it right back off. This 1 momma isn't going to be able to ship all these sales on time (50+ sales and counting which is a ton for me 10 items take me an hr to pack and ship) I've already counted my sani out till january

    1. Ha! That's a good problem to have, right? Sounds like you're doing great too!

      Calculating those shipping times can be tricky. This Thursday, we are three weeks out from Christmas. So if you want to play it safe, you really only have two weeks left to sell. Good luck and thanks for writing in....Dude!

  2. Great flip, Dude! I'm getting ready to use Craigslist to sell some furniture I got at a storage locker auction. You're right. Craigslist is great for larger items. Sales have been great for me. I just posted an update. I'm hoping December will be just as great :)

    1. Kimberly- I checked out your blog, you're hitting home runs! Also gave me some new ideas for stuff to look out for. Globes for starters...

      I love using the Craigslist option over eBay whenever possible. If you have the right item, you can sell the item for just as much as what you would have made on eBay...less the hefty fees and commissions! It's awesome!

      Thanks for writing in and keep scoring at those thrift stores...Dude!