Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A vintage mechanical toy...just like the American Pickers find!

Dude's note: Between multiple snowstorms and some various bugs being shared this winter, this Dude's been unable to tackle a post. In the meantime, here's a great score from a few years back...enjoy and stay warm!

Tin Mechanical Bear 

A few blogs ago, I talked about finding a yard sale filled with toys from my childhood era. The sale produced a huge list of scores that I slowly sold off during the Fall months. One of the last items that I sold from this big score was a mechanical tin toy. It was a momma bear spanking her baby bear! This was a find that would have made the American Picker's proud! When I spotted it sitting on the seller's table, I thought it was just a plush doll in it's original box. Not being a doll expert, I bought it only because was still in the box. The price was ridiculous...only one dollar! How could I not buy it, right? After making the purchase, I threw the box on a shelf and basically forgot about  momma and baby bear. My plan was to post the toy during the slow winter months. It was one of my many of "I'll get around to it" items. A few weeks ago, I finally got around to pulling the toy off the shelf in preparation for it's debut on eBay. I took a good hard look at it and was pleasantly surprised! This wasn't a was a popular Japanese mechanical tin toy! After doing some research, I found it was made by the Linemar toy company.  Furthermore, it was considered to be one of their more highly sought after toys due to it's politically incorrectness....spanking a child! The toy jogged my memory too. I am almost positive it was once featured on Antiques Roadshow--a mark of approval if ever there was one! To top it off, the toy has been listed on some antique toy websites for upwards of $500!

While examining the toy  however, I found a major problem. Although it's condition was near-new, it didn't work. I figured out why. Looking inside the battery compartment, I noted the inner compartment wall was detached, making it impossible for the batteries to make contact. 
To say this was going to hurt it's value would be a major understatement! I began considering my options, including paying to have it professionally repaired. I decided on just selling the toy "as-is" with a complete description of it's non-working condition. After posting Momma Bear and baby bear on eBay for a ten day auction, I crossed my fingers!

Judging from the auction results, it seemed like collectors still wanted the toy as a great looking display piece.  At it's close, the bear had over twenty people "watching." While I didn't see $500, Momma and Baby bear sold for $91 dollars! A pretty good return on a one dollar investment! I wish every yard sale had a "Spanking Bear" waiting to be discovered! 

Have you ever come across an old mechanical toy?  If so, share the story in the comment section below.....

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  1. WOW! GREAT SALE! I have never seen anything like that before!

  2. That's lovely! I was looking for mechanical toys for kids and this one sound perfect. Thank you so much for sharing.