Friday, March 7, 2014

Nike & Under Armour deals !

Winter finally seems to be coming to a merciful end around here. While we had a decent snowfall on Monday, it wasn't nearly as bad as the weatherman originally predicted. Much of that snow melted after just a few days of warmer temperatures, revealing something that's been hidden since January....grass! That may sound like no big deal, but after looking at snow since the holidays, grass in the front yard is a welcome sight. The melting snow is also a sure sign that yard sale season is only a few weeks away. It won't be long until I light up the truckster and venture out to the yard sales. I am ready to break this cabin fever and get out there!

With winter coming to an end, it's also time for spring sports to kick into high gear. For high school and colleges, the biggies are baseball, softball, lacrosse and golf. Next time you drive by your local high school, take a look at the school fields. You'll see all the kids outside practicing. This makes it a great time to start listing spring sports gear. I've had some pretty good success timing my eBay auctions to the sports season. Check out these examples...

Under Amour sells!
Almost any Under Armour shirt will sell for good money on eBay. Buyers love the Under Armour brand, especially those popular "Heatgear" shirts. But how about listing an Under Armour shirt emblazoned with the words, "Baseball" during baseball season? A no-brainer, right? The timing for me could not have been better-I found this shirt at Goodwill smack in the middle of high school baseball season! After shelling out a whole two dollars, I immediately posted the shirt on eBay. It sold for $18 bucks-probably to a high school player who wore it to practice. You can do just as well with Nike Dri-fit shirts too. An added bonus to selling both Nike and Under Armour shirts is the low shipping cost. Because they're so incredibly light, they cost next to nothing to mail.

Hooded UA sweatshirts rule!
While we're on the subject of Under Amour, have you noticed how many people are wearing the famous UA logo? Just like The North Face clothing, Under Armour is everywhere! I've definitely noticed, so imagine my joy when I found this Under Amour hooded sweatshirt for five dollars at Goodwill! It was in perfect condition and best of all, it was in the universally popular size of Extra Large. And here's an obvious fun fact for you...hooded sweatshirts always sell better then without a hood. Luckily for me, this awesome looking sweatshirt was hooded. It ended up selling at auction for $40 dollars. You just can't go wrong selling Under Armour!

Sticks sell too!
Getting back to spring sports, another big-time activity this time of year is lacrosse. It's very popular in my town, so I always come across a few lacrosse sticks every year at the yard sales. If you want to find a used lacrosse stick, visit those community yard sales held in big suburban developments where there's lots of kids. There's a good chance you'll find a stick for sale. I only buy the all wood sticks. Most are made by "Brine" and "STX" and seem to sell for waaaay more money then the average composite sticks. A search of eBay listings show most all-wood sticks sell in the range of $40 to $150 dollars depending on it's condition and age. The stick in this photo is a good example. I paid one dollar for it and stored it away until spring lacrosse season. Once spring had sprung, it went up on eBay and sold at auction for $60 bucks! In fact, most of my sticks have sold in the range of $40 to $60. Not too shabby, considering I only pay a few dollars for each. One word of caution however when buying lacrosse sticks. Make sure the webbing is intact. If not, make certain you point this out in your eBay listing. While torn webbing can be repaired, it does effect a stick's value. Lastly, you're going to need a nice looong box for shipping the stick! But don't let a broken web and shipping boxes deter'll make money flipping lacrosse sticks!

All this spring talk is getting me psyched up! Maybe I'll be a positive thinker and put the snow shovels away for the season. On second thought, I'll wait a few more weeks...I don't want to jinx anything! But we can still think spring. What kind of spring season stuff are you selling? Share your ideas and scores in the comment section below.......

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  1. My GW is hip to UA and Nike Dri-Fit and they price those pieces around $8. Grrr! I bought a small sized synthetic Kelly Wood baseball glove for less than $1 at a garage sale and it sold recently for $13.95 and free shipping. I shoved it in a FR padded mailer and off it went. Not a huge profit but it was easy peazy!

  2. Lorraine-I have a glove up for sale too. Paid a buck for it. No takers yet, but I am hoping the spring fever will kick in with a buyer. They are easy to ship, right? And it's not like somethings gonna break-they're all leather!

    Most of the GW I frequent don't seem to be wise to UA or Dri-Fit. Guess I am lucky that way.

    Thanks for checking in, I'll be dropping by your blog shorllty....Dude!

  3. My daughter just started track. I'm guessing that anyone who has running cleets in their inventory would do well to list them now, too. Those shoes run $100+ new.

    1. Good point, I see a lot of track shoes at the thrift store. Probably be worth a "look-up" on eBay to see what they're selling for.

      Thanks for the suggestion...Dude!

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