Saturday, March 21, 2015

You can make big money on Facebook !

Our house very soon!
Mrs. Dude is out of control! A few months back, I blogged that both of us had become frequent buyers and sellers on our local Facebook Yard Sale group. But while I've dabbled in the FB marketplace, Mrs. Dude has gone full blown crazy with it! She's been buying items to re-sell, while at the same time, finding stuff from around the house to sell. More then once, I've scrolled down the Facebook feed looking to buy stuff, only to spot something from our house staring me in the face! Just the other day, I discovered my favorite a floor lamp posted for sale on Facebook. Looking closely at the posted photo, I thought to  myself, "Gee, that looks awfully familiar." I then spotted my wife's name above the photo! I was like, "Hey, I need that lamp to read!" It's getting so bad that pretty soon our place will look like Cindy Who's house after the Grinch cleared it out on Christmas Eve. As Dr. Seuss' said,

  "On their walls he left nothing but hooks and some wire. And the one speck of food that he left in the house was a crumb that was even too small for a mouse!" 

While it hasn't quite gotten as bad as crumbs and wires left behind, there is a reason behind Mrs. Dude's selling madness. She's been saving up to buy new furniture. Specifically, a new kitchen table and a new sofa for the living room. As any motivational speaker will tell you, it's good to set goals in life. Goals can keep you focused and driven. Holy cow is Mrs. Dude driven! After just four months of Facebook flips, we now have a beautiful (locally built) wood farm table with chairs from Raymour and Flanigan. After eating dinner on this fine, sturdy table, I now plop down on a great looking leather sofa. (Also purchased at Raymour and Flanigan.) Both the farm table and sofa were paid for with proceeds from Mrs. Dude's Facebook finds and flips. It may seem like a lot of money to raise in a short time, but with the right stuff you can hit a goal pretty quickly. Here's just a few of Mrs. Dude's furniture fundraiser flips...

Thirty One Suite
One of the first big Facebook scores was this "Thirty One Suite" tote bag. Mrs. Dude told me that Thirty One bags are sold via home parties. This particular tote style was an "exclusive" given to women who agree to host a party at their home. Mrs. Dude snapped up the bag on the FB yard sale group for $25 dollars. She intended to use the bag for herself, but after seeing the prices Thirty One bags fetched on eBay, she decided to flip it instead. That's where this Dude comes in. Remember those poor wretched workers in the engine room of the Titanic? The guys who dutifully stoked the engine fires, keeping the great ship moving forward? Yeah, that's basically me, only with eBay. Mrs. Dude would send an order down to me in the engine room to post one of her finds on eBay. I would smartly salute and say "Ay-Ay Captain" and immediately post said stuff. It was hard work, but Mrs. Dude promised me I could sit on the new sofa! Following her usual order, I listed her Thirty-One bag on eBay. Within a few days, I was happy to report back to the "Captain" that I'd sold her bag for a BIN price of $100 big ones! With those kinds of dollars, I was well on my way to sitting on the new sofa!

Sophia Loren? No, Lia Sophia! 
Then there's Mrs. Dude's Sophia Loren costume jewelry collection. Ummm, I mean Sofia Vergara. No, wait, that's not's Lia Sophia. Yeah, that's it. (It all sounds the same to me.) Whatever it's called, this costume jewelry was also sold through home parties. A few years back, Mrs. Dude's sister was a Lia Sophia sales representative. Naturally, most home party reps sell primarily to members of their own family. Mrs. Dude was no exception, buying waaaaay too much Lia Sophia jewelry from her sister. Over time, all this fancy costume jewelry piled up in Mrs. Dude's jewelry box. Fast forward to last Fall when Lia Sophia officially went out of business. Now if you want to buy Lia Sophia, you pretty much have to go to eBay. This gave Mrs. Dude a great opportunity to unload much of her jewelry. The bracelet seen in the photo sold for $45 dollars on eBay. This was one of many Lia Sophia beads and bangles I listed for Mrs. Dude.  Collectively, these pieces generated several hundred dollars towards Mrs. Dude's furniture fund. Recognizing a nice opportunity when she sees it, Mrs. Dude recently picked up even more Lia Sophia pieces on FB. This stuff will be up on eBay in the near future.

American Girl
Another one of her Facebook finds included this huge lot of American Girl Doll clothing. The lot even included a skateboard, skis and ski poles. Mrs. Dude scooped up the lot on FB for only $25 dollars. While I was happy she found it, I couldn't help but be a little miffed at the same time. After all, I put in millions of miles, driving to countless garage sales in the hopes of finding an American Girl doll score! It's hard work, and if I am lucky, I may find American Girl a couple times each season. Along comes Mrs. Dude who scores a hugemongous American Girl clothing collection right from the comfort of her living room! Where's the justice in that? I am old school when it comes to flipping stuff. You're not suppose to just turn on your laptop and find a deal. No, you're suppose to get out and work the streets for a find of that magnitude! So she lucked out on that one. Like all her other finds, I headed down to the engine room and posted her American Girl lot on eBay. The result? The clothes sold for $104 bucks! I guess she did okay. It's not like I am jealous about it or anything. I mean just because she really didn't put the appropriate hard work and time in. Whatever, I am over it!

Makes it all worthwhile!
And so it, wine glasses, framed pictures, clothes, even that lamp I picked out of my neighbor's trash can last year. (Sold for ten bucks.) It all flew out the door via Facebook and eBay sales. By the end of February, Mrs. Dude had made enough money to buy both her kitchen farm table and the leather sofa. She even sold the old sofa and kitchen set on Craigslist, bringing in an additional $300 dollars towards the cause. The furniture was delivered a few weeks ago. Both look great and I eagerly anticipate many evenings plopped in that leather couch enjoying my favorite show, American Pickers. More importantly, there's something very satisfying about turning household clutter into cash, which in turn, becomes beautiful furniture. This brings us to another important "Dude" philosophy. I am a big believer in goal setting when it comes to this business. After all, if you're going to put the time and effort in trudging to garage sales, thrift shops and hunting down Facebook finds, why not make it worth it? If you can help it, don't blow all of your earnings on boring, everyday stuff. Try to put aside some of your hard-earned eBay dough. Then once you've saved up enough money, reward yourself by buying something, a flat screen, a home improvement name it! Something substantial that you can see, enjoy and gives you satisfaction every day when you look at it. This "reward" not only makes you feel good, but also motivates you to get back out there and keep at it. Don't believe me? Just ask Mrs. Dude!

Have you set a goal when selling? Did you turn it into something "big" for yourself or your family? Share the story in the comment section below.

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