Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer doldrums

It's the summer doldrums and the yard sales have been pretty slow around these parts. I've been doing this for a bunch of years and I've never seen it this bad before! With the 4th of July holiday, summer vacations and the rising heat, local sales have dwindled down to a meager handful. Another problem is the increased usage of Facebook yard sales groups to sell stuff. While I've scooped up some nice deals through the FB yard sale group, I think it's also contributed to a downturn in actual yard sales being held. It's what you might call a blessing...and a curse! Oh well, all I can do is keep plugging away until Fall rolls around and the locals emerge from their air conditioned houses to host a sale. That's the plan anyway.

Although things are slow right now, prior to Memorial Day, the yard sales were running hot and heavy! One particular yard sale stands out because had a lot of good stuff at great prices! The sellers were well organized and had much of their things neatly stored in big Tupperware containers. I picked up a bunch of items, all for a few dollars each. Making it even more attractive, the sellers were empty nesters who were cleaning out their kids vintage Eighties era toys. As I perused their stuff, I learned they were moving South to a retirement community. This meant they were primed to sell their stuff cheap! Here's a few samples...

Eighties Barbie furniture
Poking around the various Tupperware containers, I came across one that contained a ton of Barbie furniture. There was even some Barbie Baywatch items from the Eighties TV show. Had it been Barbie furniture from the Sixties, I would have had a major find on my hands. But even though it was Eighties plastic stuff, at only five bucks, I couldn't resist. I bought the whole lot and listed everything a few days later on eBay. The lot sold for twenty five bucks. Not huge, but a twenty dollar profit for me. I think I could have squeezed a little more money out of the lot if I pieced items out individually. However, I don't have the time or patience for that, so everything went in one shot. I was satisfied with my twenty buck profit and moved on to my next sale.

Legos can be heavy!
Another deal I spotted at the empty nester's yard sale was a huge Tupperware container filled to the top with Lego pieces. Since the pieces dated back to the Eighties, I knew I wouldn't find any sought after Harry Potter pieces, but as I've said in past blogs, Legos are still Legos! I paid five bucks for the entire container and practically had a hernia carrying the heavy container down to my truckster. I listed the Legos not long after the sale. Here's a handy Dude selling tip; when listing huge Lego lots for sale, it's best to state the total weight in both the title and description. When it comes to selling Legos, the more pounds, the more money you'll make. My Legos weighed in at 22 pounds and brought in a final auction price of $104 dollars! Like I said, Legos are Legos...people just love to buy em!

Please don't eat the Polly Pockets!
While digging around another Tupperware container filled with various plastic toys, I came across some Polly Pockets stuff. The super small Polly Pockets figures are no longer sold, probably because kids were swallowing them or sticking them up their nose! Since they're no longer made, if I see them, I buy them. While it's good to buy the cases, the little figures are where the real money is at. Collectively, the more sets with figures and cases you can piece together to sell, the better you're going to do. Digging around the Tupperware container, I picked out every Polly Pocket case I could find, shaking each one to confirm they contained the little figures. All told, I came up with seven cases and more importantly, over twenty Polly Pocket figures. The empty nester charged me another five dollars for the lot. A few days later, I listed the Polly Pocket lot on eBay. The seven day auction topped out at $75 dollars! Not bad for something soooo small, right?

So that's a few highlights in this very slow summer season. How's the summer yard sales going for you? Hopefully a little better then what I've been dealing with! Pass along your adventures and summer scores in the comment section below.

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