Sunday, September 6, 2015

Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers are popular! So's being a lumberjack...

At long last, the summer yard sale drought finally appears to be over! Over the last few weekends, the sales have ticked upward. This past weekend, I checked out a huge community yard sale held at local suburban development. The development had a lot of participants, however it also drew huge crowds and traffic jams on the local streets. Although I didn't find anything good there, it was nice to be able to hit a large number of sales in one shot. After leaving that sale, I managed to find a few more yard sales and score a few goodies, including an old ten gallon gas can for two bucks. The old, grizzled fuel can could earn me as much as forty dollars on eBay. Stay tuned for that one!

Got Converse?
As summer comes to an end and fall begins, I've learned of a fashion trend that caught me completely off guard. Apparently, Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers are back in a big way! I first noticed the trend when I saw a back-to-school photo of my niece on Facebook. She was wearing good, old Chuck Taylor sneakers! Then just a few days later, I practically tripped over a huge display of Chucks as I entered the Goodwill store. Believe you me, when it comes to fashion I am no Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada, but I know a fashion trend when it smacks me in the face. Clearly Chucks have come full circle and are back in style with the kids! Looking at recent sales, pre-owned canvas Chucks average between $15 and $35 dollars, while many new pairs are selling north of $50 dollars. Leather Chucks are in a whole other stratosphere, selling for $100 or more when brand new. I've had some good luck with Chucks in the past. If you've followed this blog from the beginning, you may remember a pair of old leather Chucks I sold for $126 bucks! Now that they're back in style, I am putting Chuck Taylor back on my BOLO list this fall.

Urban Lumberjacks
Preferred garment of the lumberjack
Speaking of fashion trends, your fashion forward Dude has also picked up on the "Urban Lumberjack" style popular with the younger guys. Urban lumberjacks share a similar look. Namely, close cropped hair on the side, a greasy comb over up top and a scruffy beard. The look is made complete  with a mandatory flannel shirt. In an effort to make some money off this hipster fashion trend, I scored a great looking "Big Yank" flannel shirt at my local Goodwill store. With it's bright colors and old school look, this shirt really stood out.  Even though it was vintage, the shirt was in near-new condition and the price was right at just five bucks! Normally the middle of a hot summer is not an ideal time of year to post a flannel shirt on eBay. But with my summer sales on life support, desperate times call for desperate measures-the flannel went to auction! When creating the listing I used a few catchy search terms in the title to attract as many bidders as possible including; "urban lumberjack" and "hipster." It must have worked because the lumberjack wannabees came out of the "woodwork" to bid up the Big Yank flannel. The old shirt reached levels that even I didn't anticipate, closing out at a final auction price of, now get this.......$83 dollars! TIMBER!!!!

Elvis Costello T-shirt
Since we are on the subject of clothes, I am always on the lookout for vintage Rock and Roll concert T-shirts. Back in the day, everyone and their brother had at least one or two concert Tees in their wardrobe. Now, these same kids have grown up and will pay big bucks to get their concert T-shirts back. (Even though they probably won't fit into them anymore.) Many of these surviving shirts sell for waaaaay more then what they originally cost at the arena or stadium. Recently, a classic Iron Maiden concert T-shirt sold for nearly one thousand dollars! Can you imagine that? Back in my high school, every "stoner" in my graduating class had an Iron Maiden T-shirt! If I had a crystal ball, I would have stockpiled a bunch of those ratty old T-shirts. Who would have known they'd be a better investment then anything on Wall Street? While I haven't scored Iron Maiden yet, I did come across this Elvis Costello and the Attractions T-shirt. This shirt was a little bit worn, but still wearable and for only three bucks, I knew I'd make some money out of it. Sure enough, I posted it on eBay and this Elvis left the building for $35 big ones! That's why I always search through the T-shirts in Goodwill. Elvis, Bruce Springsteen, Led Zeppelin or Iron Maiden may be hiding in those racks!

How's your fashion sales been going? Have you sold anything you want to brag about? Share your story in the comment section below....

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