Monday, October 12, 2015

Pottery Barn deals

With the weather turning colder, it won't be long until old man winter arrives. Not only does that mean the end of yard sale season, but it's also the time to begin cleaning out the garage to make room for Mrs. Dude's car.  For some strange reason, she's not thrilled with trudging outside to scrape frost off her car windows, while my yard sale finds are warm and dry in her parking spot. So with that frosty scenario in mind, I've been put on notice to clear out my stuff before the first snowflakes start to fall. So far, I've been doing good, Check out the progress...

Gym lockers
When it comes to taking up space, you can't get much bigger then gym lockers, right? I bought this locker at a yard sale about a month ago. The seller was asking $50 bucks for it, but took my offer of just $30. She told me it came out of an airport in Florida where she and her husband worked. With the big interest in anything industrial, combined with folks looking for utilitarian stuff that can be used in a mud room or garage, I figured I'd easily sell this monster. The locker was about six feet tall and barley fit in the back of my truck bed. Because of it's size, once I got it home it had to go into the garage. But before Mrs. Dude could give me the stink eye, I quickly posted it for sale on Craigslist. It took me about three weeks to get it done, but I got it sold before any trouble broke out on the home front. A buyer showed up last Saturday and paid me $120 bucks for the old lockers. He told me it was going to a warehouse to be used by the employees. That was a $90 dollar profit for me and a nice storage locker for those warehouse employees.

Pottery Barn trash find
You know what else takes up a lot of space in a garage? A Pottery Barn playhouse tent. This tent was
acquired from one of my greatest sources; my favorite neighbor who throws away perfectly good stuff. I've blogged about them in the past. These folks have left baby high chairs, strollers, lamps and baby bouncy seats all out at the curb. I've turned each one of their trash dumps into cash! Once again, the neighbor came through for me with this Pottery Barn playhouse. These things sell for over $200 new! This particular one had some cosmetic issues, specifically some rips in the fabric doors. When I spotted it at the curb, I marched right over and grabbed it, carrying it back to my garage. I'll admit picking my neighbor's trash is a weird situation. While there's nothing wrong with it, I'd rather not advertise it on the street. In this case, once I rescued the tent from the trash, I carefully hide it from my neighbor's view behind the big gym lockers. I took some quick photos of the tent and immediately posted it for sale on Craigslist. A few weeks later, I sold it for $35 bucks-a deal for the buyer when compared to what the tent sells for new. My only concern with
Can the neighbor see? No way! 
the transaction was avoiding being spotted by my neighbor when the deal went down. Their house is across the street and one house down. To keep it all very top secret, I instructed the buyer to back his van up to my garage doors. I also aligned my cars on the driveway to block my neighbor's view. I am pretty sure I could work for the CIA, because my plan was executed perfectly. The seller backed up right to my garage door, practically pulling inside. After paying me $35 dollars, we slipped the tent into the back of his van and away he went...all out of sight of my neighbor! Mission accomplished and more importantly, more space had been freed up in the garage.

Kelty Kids carrier
Lastly, I bought this large Kelty Kids carrier for twenty dollars on Facebook back in the summer, storing it next to the locker and tent for several weeks. When I picked it up, I found the carrier was not in the greatest condition. That's the problem with FB finds, it's hard to tell what you're buying from the few small pictures that are posted. This carrier was a little more worn then described, and had a musty, stored-in-the-basement smell to it. Not the greatest score, but at twenty bucks, I knew I'd make some decent money out of the deal. While waiting for a buyer to come along, I kept the Kelty carrier in the garage hoping the fresh air might air it out a little bit. Originally posting it for fifty dollars, I ended up selling the carrier to some young parents for $40. The mom was particularly tough and almost turned down the carrier, that was until I dropped the price ten bucks to seal the deal. Even at that price, I walked away with a twenty dollar profit. Not bad for basically storing something in my garage for less then a month.

So the garage is looking cleaner and cleaner with each passing week. There's a few odds and ends still on Mrs. Dude's side of the garage, but nothing I can't get sold or just haul down to the basement. How's your sales going? Got anything in the garage you need to get rid of before winter sets in? Share your story in the comment section below...

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