Saturday, February 13, 2016

Great deals for only a dollar!

They say you can't buy much for a buck anymore. True, if your at the local mall, but not so at yard sales and thrift shops. I've found plenty of great stuff for a buck that I later re-sold for multiple bucks on eBay. It's fun watching these dollar investments turn into ten, twenty, thirty dollars or more! To give you an idea of what I am talking about, check out a few of these examples;

Ladies and gentleman-the Beatles!
Who doesn't like the Beatles, right? Finding a vintage Fab Four collectible at a yard sale is like hitting the lottery. Most vintage Beatles collectibles are worth serious bucks. For example, check out a typical eBay selling price for an original Beatles lunch box...WOW! Although I haven't been lucky enough to find a lunchbox, I did came across a 1964 Life magazine with the Beatles on the cover. I found the copy buried in a stack of dusty old Life magazines at a yard sale. The seller was asking a dollar per magazine. Generally speaking, old Life magazines are not very valuable.  Despite the fact the magazine went out of business years ago, old copies can still be found everywhere. It seems like everyone and their mothers held onto them! But some copies do have value. For example, issues that feature very famous celebrities on the cover like Marilyn Monroe or Ernest Hemingway are worth some major dough. In my case, I fingered through the dusty old stack, but could only come up with the 64 Beatles cover. But this wasn't just any Beatles cover issue. Nope, this happened to be the very first time the Beatles appeared on the cover of Life magazine! That's pretty big stuff, so I had no problem paying a dollar for this particular issue. I posted the copy on eBay and a week later it sold for $27 dollars. As John Lennon once sang, "Now gimme money...that's what I want!"

The great choke

Here's another very cool dollar flip also dating back to 1964. Check out this original 1964 Philadelphia Phillies yearbook. What's the big deal about an old baseball yearbook? For Philadephia Phillies fans, 1964 was a tragic, infamous year in Phillies baseball history. In the late summer of 1964, the Phillies were in first place with a six and a half game lead and just twelve games to go in the season. Leading all season, they were expected to easily clinch the National League Pennant. Instead, they choked big time and went on to lose ten straight games in a row, allowing the St Louis Cardinals to overtake them and claim the Pennant. It's considered one of the greatest collapses in baseball history and one that Phillies fans still mourn to this very day! Of course, all of this was flashing back in my mind as I thumbed through the yard sale copy I'd found. I couldn't believe I was actually holding an original yearbook from that tragic season! Maybe the seller was still grieving the loss too, because he only charged me a dollar bill for the yearbook. But because of this tragic collapse, there's actually no better Phillies yearbook to collect. Even yearbooks from the Phillies 1980 and 2008 World Series Championship seasons are not worth as much as the 64 "choke" season! This was born out when I posted the yearbook on eBay. My one dollar 1964 copy sold for $35 dollars! So while 1964 season was a rotten year for the Phillies, it was at least a good year for their yearbook!

Ugly Desktop Telephone
Here's a weird one. I've sold a lot of phones over my flipping career and made some good money doing it. In most cases, I've done very well with desktop phones in very specific colors like black or red. (Don't bother with beige or white.) A few years ago, I picked up this vintage desktop phone at Goodwill for a dollar bill. In my humble opinion, it's powder blue color is one of the ugliest I've come across. But at only a buck, I decided I'd take a chance on it. After cleaning it up with a little Windex, I posted it on eBay. To my surprise, this ugly blue phone sold for forty dollars! That's the amazing thing about selling on Ebay, you just never know what's going to bring in the big money. Even an ugly old phone can make you some serious bucks!

Finally, I have to mention a sweet find I blogged about a few years back. This one is definitely worth repeating! I came across this vintage mechanical Momma "Spanking Bear" in it's original box at a local garage sale. When you turn it on, Momma bear spanks a fussy baby bear positioned on her lap. Pretty funny action, and probably something that wouldn't get manufactured today due to political correctness. But if you're lucky enough to come across a vintage mechanical toy like this, you can begin counting your profits immediately. These old toys sell for plenty of dough on eBay. I paid one dollar for Spanking Bear. I posted the toy on eBay, and after a seven day auction, that dollar bill turned into $90 dollars. Probably one of my best dollars flips ever!

You gotta love dollar finds, right? How about you? Give up your best dollar flips in the comment section below.

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