Monday, April 18, 2016

Power tools cheaper then Home Depot or Lowes

It seems safe to say that Winter is finally behind us now. The yard sales are definitely picking up and I've already made some early scores. Mrs. Dude and I also took the opportunity to host our own garage sale. It's been about two years since our last one, so we were overdue. Nothing feels better then clearing out the MoneyintheGarage inventory shelves. I'd say we unloaded about half of what we put out in the driveway, making $85 dollars in total. The remaining leftovers are now in the back of my truck. As I did following previous yard sales, I am trying to sell the leftovers in one big lot for $30 bucks. I am hoping a flea market seller will come along and pay up. Either way, one things for sure-the stuff is not going back inside the house! If it doesn't sell, the whole load is going down to Goodwill. It's the circle of life, only in junk.

A Mini Cooper is great for transporting Ryobi table saws!
Getting back to my regular sales, I did have some pretty sweet flips during the last few months. First up is this Ryobi table saw scored off my local Facebook yard sale group. It cost get this...five dollars!  Can you believe that? A Ryobi table saw retails for $130 or more at Home Depot or Lowes! Mrs. Dude spotted it and we claimed the saw within minutes of it's posting. Once we put dibs on it, I drove right over to the seller's house before he came to his senses. When I arrived, the guy told me he was cleaning out his garage and just wanted  the nearly-new saw gone! I threw it in the truck, drove home, took some photos and posted it on Craigslist. Two days later, I'd sold the table for $75 dollars. That's a funny story too. The guy who bought it from me drove over an hour to pick up the saw. We met at a local convenience store and the buyer pulled up in a what has to be one of the smallest cars on the road; a Mini-Cooper! I started to chuckle to myself, wondering if the guy could fit a Ryobi table saw in the back of a little Mini Cooper.  I'll give him credit though, he made it fit! I just had to take a photo as he pulled it away. Believe it or not, there's a large table saw in the back of that little thing! So not only did I make a quick $70 bucks, I got a good laugh too!

Mid Century Danish
Another sweet winter flip was this mid-century danish designed magazine table. I paid $7 dollars for this table in Goodwill back in the Fall. While not an expert on this, or any other style of
furniture, I have learned just enough to get by. Namely that his modern (for it's time) designed wood furniture can sell for big bucks to the right buyer. I procrastinated several months before finally posting it as a "local pick up" sale on eBay. Local pick up only formats almost never work out for me. Without fail, some distant buyer doesn't pay attention to the shipping details and bids anyway. That's what happened with my table. A Chicago architect was the winning bidder, paying $225 big ones for the table. He later e-mailed me and apologized after realizing the auction was suppose to be the pick-up only.  But the story has a happy ending. The buyer had no problem covering the nearly $100 cost of packing and shipping the table to his Chicago office. Not only that, he paid me $40 extra for my troubles, making it a $265 sale! The table arrived safely in Chi-Town and the buyer left me glowing positive feedback! Sometimes things just work out!

Coach Ditka wore them!
Since I am on the subject of the Windy City, check out this vintage Chicago bears sweater. This style was popular when legendary Chicago Bears head coach, Mike Ditka ruled the
sidelines. The big guy always wore this style sweater and it became an iconic image. (Sort of like Dallas Cowboys' head coach Tom Landry and his top hat.) I've come across a few of these "old school" sweaters in the past and always buy them. I paid four dollars for this one at Goodwill. I sold it last month for $25. Not a bad little flip. (Had I sold it during the football season, I probably would have made an additional ten dollars or more.) If you ever find this Chicago Bears style sweater, don't hesitate to buy it. The sweater vest version is also a big seller. Either style will make you money.

Easter bunny inflatable
Wrapping up my winter flips, take a look at this Easter bunny inflatable I found at Goodwill. I had to grit my teeth and buckle down on this purchase, paying $30 dollars for the eight foot tall bunny. That price tag was waaaaay more then I normally spend on an inflatable. But this Easter Bunny was brand new in the box. Also, the timing could not have been better. I found him about six weeks prior to Easter and wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth. I posted the big Easter bunny for a BIN price of $135 bucks plus shipping. It sold within a few days, once again proving you can't lose flipping holiday inflatables!

That's it for now. Hows the sales going for you? Got any Spring flips you want to brag about? Share your stories in the comment section below.

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  1. I'm so jealous of your fb finds. I never find anything worthwhile. Always the same people, same stuff that apparently no one else wants either.
    The Bears sweater is great. I have found 2 or 3 of them but it's been quite awhile back. They sold for $100+ back then. I have noticed a decrease in selling prices of vintage clothing that I used to flip for serious $$ (RL, Nautica, Hilfiger, etc..). So many resellers!
    Great flips!

    1. Jen-I see a lot of junk on FB too. It's just a matter of being lucky when the right thing pops up. You might say Mrs. Dude and I can be a little obsessive-Ha! But FB helps make up for yard sales and thrift store finds. In fact, I've been a little lax and haven't been to Goodwill since Saturday. Not good. So FB helps keep the flips going!

      That's interesting what you're pointing out about clothes. You're probably right-too many resellers out there.

      Thanks for writing in. Good luck with your finds this Spring....Dude!

  2. rock with those inflatables. And that MCM table..amazing. Really cool find. When I moved out of my studio last september, I had a moving sale and these artists came out to buy some of my blank stretched canvases..and I too was laughing that there's no way they'd fit in a mini cooper, but that did. Took a little bit of doing, but they fit. LOL

    1. Margaret-That's a funny story. The guy who bought my saw also struck me as kind of an artsy-artisan type dude. A real free spirit. Also, he told me he absolutely loved his Mini Cooper.

      Thanks for writing in and sharing....Dude!

  3. What I find funny is the people who come out of the Goodwill Outlet with an overflowing carriage of large items and walk over to their little car and have to figure out how to make it fit. I don't think they ever give it a thought of how to get it home such as the woman with two mini jogging trampolines and 6 laundry baskets and large totes that didn't nest together at all. It is just too good a deal to pass by, I guess.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. Too funny. When I spot those folks, I can't help but wonder what their house must look like? Must likely hoarders.

      Thanks for checking in....Dude!