Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Two hot summer flips and one suspicious story.

Disc Golf Target
Even though we're still in the slow dog days of summer, I've been on a bit of a sales hot streak lately. You may have noticed my Twitter feed from last week when I posted a superb trash-to-cash find. Traveling down a quiet country road on the way to Goodwill, I spotted a disc golf target sitting out at the curb. If you're not familiar with them, disc golf is just like golf, only you use a Frisbee or "disc" instead of a golf ball. The metal stand is the "hole" you're aiming for with your disc. The game has become very popular with the Millennial and Gen X kids, with disc targets selling for as much as $200 dollars. Seeing some free dollars coming my way on this trashed disc target, I immediately turned the truck around and doubled back to investigate. A quick up and down confirmed it was in perfectly good shape, so I lugged it into the truck bed, strapped it down, then continued to Goodwill. As it turned out, the disc target was my only "find" that day. (Unless you count fresh flowers and veggies bought at a local farm stand.) For purposes of this blog, and also cause I like money, I wasted no time posting the disc target for sale on Craigslist. It was up for sale just hours after pulling it off the curb. Exactly one week later, a young Millennial backed his SUV into my driveway, handed me $80 bucks and pulled away with the disc golf target. That's what I call a "trash to cash" success story!

Big ole fishing cooler
Another "dog days of summer" flip was this huge ice cooler I bought last month at a yard sale. Not that I am complaining, but I was more or less forced to pay the guy his asking price of twenty bucks for this thing. It's a rare occasion when your Dude hands over money without some attempt at negotiating. In the case of ice coolers, I am accustomed to paying five or ten dollars at the most. However, I noticed some troubling interaction between the husband and wife after hubby quoted me a price of twenty bucks on the cooler. At hearing the price, the wife gave hubby an angry stare and mumbled under her breath, "Only twenty dollars?" Having been on the receiving end of a few angry spousal stares myself, I decided to pass on any negotiations so as not to annoy the seller's wife further. I handed over twenty and lugged the bulky cooler back to my truck. Even at twenty, I knew I could easily make money on it. Big ice coolers are a must-have for any fisherman worth his salt. Fishermen pack them with bait, beer, food provisions and the day's catch. The local geography was in my favor too. With the Atlantic Ocean and tributaries close by, many locals own their own fishing boat and could use a good cooler. I put the big box on Craigslist anticipating a quick sale. A few days later, I sold it for seventy dollars! At that price, it was no wonder that women stared at her poor husband!

Hobbico Radio Controlled Plane
Lastly, here's an "interesting" Craigslist transaction I recently made. Check out this Hobbico radio controlled airplane I bought for a $20 dollar bill at a yard sale. This cool looking plane came in the original box with the radio controller, manual and some peripheral gear. The plane looked like it was barely used and was in near-perfect condition. After doing some research on the plane, I learned it was a basic Hobbico beginner's model that often retails for about $130 dollars. Since it was too big to ship, I skipped eBay and went with Craigslist, listing it for one hundred dollars. After seeing no interest whatsoever, I dropped the price each week, finally getting a bite at sixty dollars. The buyer agreed to meet me at Dunkin Donuts to purchase the plane. He brought along his wife and ten year old son. I was a little caught off guard by both sonny boy and his father. The kid was so excited to see the plane, he started grabbing at it before Dad even paid me! Having raised my own little Rugrats, I know how kids can easily break something in their excitement, so I moved the plane out of his reach before any damage was done. After saving the plane from the kid's attack, the drama wasn't quite over yet. Dad threw me one more curve ball. He claimed to have brought sixty dollars with him to buy the plane, but was forced to use ten of it to put gas in his car. He now had only fifty dollars to spend on the plane! This seemed a little suspicious, because as he was explaining this, his wife announced she was going into Dunkin Donuts to buy something to eat. (I could be wrong here, but Dunkin Donuts usually expects payment for food.) Adding to my suspicions was the fact that dad bragged about several radio controlled airplanes he already owned. This was obviously not his first rodeo when it came to buying expensive model planes. Either way, I was pretty sure he was scamming me, but it was getting late and I wasn't about to haul the plane back home. I told the cash-challenged Dad not to worry about it, I'd take fifty. With that, he handed over what apparently was all the money he had left in the world. But no biggie, even with the dad's bait and switch, I still made thirty dollars on the deal.  

How's the dog days of summer treating you? Flip any good deals lately? Ever been given the old bait and switch like I experienced? Share your story below....

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