Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle ...Buy it low and sell it high!

The leaves are starting to turn and Saturday morning garage sales now require a jacket. As I've powered through the fall yard sale season, I’ve been finding some pretty sweet scores. But just as in past years, I still need to keep my nose to the grindstone and build up the eBay inventory so I have plenty to sell through the winter months. It doesn't help however, that there just doesn’t seem to be as many “Mega” yard sale Saturdays like in past years. I’ve complained about this phenomena in past posts, blaming it on the the advent of Facebook yard sale groups. Who needs the hassle of hosting a yard sale, when you can post your stuff on-line? But either way, here’s hoping a few more folks decide to clean house and have a yard sale before the season winds down in November. I’ll keep you posted, but in the mean time, check out my latest ruminations on buying and selling Harley-Davidson.    

There’s a saying stockbrokers use when advising people how to make big money in the stock market. Half jokingly, they like to say, "Buy low and sell high!” The saying is meant to be both funny and serious at the same time. Obviously, anyone knows when is comes to making money in the stock market, you want to buy low and sell it high. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. But I have a better, less risky way to make some money. Instead of stock, buy Harley-Davidson motorcycle gear low... and sell it high on eBay! It’s really not that difficult to find Harley-Davidson gear at garage sales, thrift shops or Facebook. I always keep an eye out for anything with the famous orange Harley logo on it. Here’s a few examples of my buy low/ sell high Harley flips...

When acquiring Harley-Davidson stuff, or anything else in this business, you just can’t beat it when you get the stuff for free! This Harley Davidson catalogue featuring special edition police motorcycles was handed out as a freebie at a local car/motorcycle show I attended. These specialty catalogues are generally distributed to police departments only and feature law enforcement equipped Harley Davidson bikes. Not wanting to look too greedy, I grabbed two from the dealership display, but in retrospect, I really wish I snagged a few more. I sold the catalogues on eBay for $15 each, earning me a total of $30. If I get to that car show next year, you can be sure I’ll stuff my bag with more of these freebie catalogues!

Men’s Harley Davidson shirt
Here’s a sharp looking men’s Harley shirt I found at the Goodwill store. Harley clothing is usually nice and heavy, the better for protecting and insulating the rider while on the bike. This shirt was no exception and had the feel of one of those heavy-duty LL Bean canvas shirts. The only difference was the Harley Davidson logo embroidered above the shirt pocket. I paid five dollars for the shirt and posted it on eBay. After a seven day auction, the shirt sold for a solid $41 bucks. While we’re on the subject of Harley shirts, let me point out that Harley-Davidson dealership T-shirts DO NOT typically sell for a big money. On any given trip to the thrift shop, it’s more likely you’ll find these ever present dealership T-shirts before you find a button down Harley shirt or jacket. Keep your money in your pocket when you come across these shirts and stay focused on button-down style shirts.

Harley Cafe Racer Jacket 
Moving up the "sell high” scale, I recently flipped a women’s Harley biker jacket. The black leather jacket had all kinds of things going on, including; belt buckles, zippers and fringe. I found it on a Facebook yard sale group, paying forty dollars for it. That was a big investment for this thrifty dude, but one that I knew would pay off. It went right on eBay and after a seven day auction, sold for $85 dollars. Not bad, but the real "piece de resistance" in my buy low/sell high Harley flips had to be this awesome looking Harley Cafe Racer leather jacket. I scored this bad boy last year for $45 dollars at yard sale. Originally, the seller wanted $60 bucks, but after some wheeling and dealing, he agreed to knock $15 dollars off the price. I really liked the cool look of this racing jacket and apparently so did many Harley riders. The bids for the jacket went over two bills and topped out at $220 dollars, proving once again that when it comes to Harley-Davidson gear, you really can buy low and sell high!

How about you? What kind yard sale stuff have you found that guarantees a buy low /sell high price? Share your story in the comment section below.

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  1. Yard sales have been disappointing this year. I have been finding myself at thrift stores more often. I have found that vintage woolrich clothing, mainly coats, have been awesome sellers for me. I can find them easily for less than $5, and can usually sell them for close to $50. They never sit too long either. Nike shoes are another consistent seller for me, but usually priced higher.

    1. When all else fails, there’s always the thrift stores, right? I see Woolwich fairy often in the racks, will have to give them a try. Nikes are a good idea too. Thanks for the suggestions....Dude!

  2. Don't count out the Harley Davidson t-shirts! I've done quite well with them-especially the more unique dealerships or those abroad. A lot of folks collect these from their trips :) Bigger sizes definitely do better though.

    1. I hear you, there’s always exceptions depending on the shirt's uniqueness. Dealership shirts are so abundant, I would estimate I'll come across one shirt on every 2nd or 3rd visit to the the Goodwill store. Like all T-shirts, GW tags them for about $4 dollars. Checking eBay prices, one seller just sold a big lot of ten dealership shirts for $138, averaging $13 dollars a shirt. That’s pretty typical and not enough profit for me. I don’t want readers scooping up these “average” T’s thinking they'll make big money, so that’s why I added my little warning.
      But I agree, a very unique HD dealership shirt can do very well on eBay. Unfortunately, they’re few and few between.

      Thanks for writing in and sharing your HD selling experience....Dude!